New Upscale Canberra, Australia Complex Hits Every Note with Invisible SpeakerCraft Speakers Standard in 230 Apartments

At the new Midnight mixed-use complex in Canberra, Australia, real estate developer Geocon has taken a step toward more technologically integrated apartments by outfitting all 230 units with at least two ceiling-mounted SpeakerCraft speakers and a wireless streaming amplifier. According to the installation team at Integreat Electronics, this project comes just as Australian homebuyers and renters are beginning to place more value and importance on a home’s connected technologies.

“When purchaser evenings were held, there was considerable interest in the sound section,” said Lachlan Freeth, Managing Director of Integreat Electronics. “Besides the fact that there aren’t really any competing apartments in Canberra with integrated audio systems, Geocon had frequently focused on the premium-quality SpeakerCraft audio in its marketing materials. They do a good job of creating unique, targeted developments, and one of today’s top trends is individuals and families that want their home to be as digitally connected as they are.”

By combining a pair of SpeakerCraft’s Profile A6 in-ceiling speakers with a wireless streaming amplifier, 224 of the apartments enable residents to use their mobile devices to control the amplifier and connect it to all of their favorite music streaming services. The six top-floor penthouses feature an expanded multi-zone audio system in three rooms, using three pairs of SpeakerCraft Profile A6 speakers and a multi-zone streaming amplifier.

“Geocon tasked us with choosing the best components and design for their first ‘standard inclusion’ audio system,” Freeth explained. “We needed a solution that provided upscale aesthetics and high performance, so SpeakerCraft’s Profile speaker line was an obvious choice. The stereo speakers fill the room with pristine sound while the in-ceiling format and ultra-low profile of the grilles make the speakers virtually invisible.”

Moving toward a standard inclusion audio system in apartments is a great step, Freeth added, and Integreat has ensured every buyer will have the opportunity to discuss expanded audio options and additional home technologies. Through its partnership with Avation, the Australian custom electronics distributor that provided the SpeakerCraft speakers, Integreat Electronics has access to all sorts of equipment and brands that consumers can’t purchase off the shelf.

“With 224 apartments, it made sense for us to hand over the amplifiers in person rather than leaving them installed in unoccupied units for weeks or months,” Freeth said. “We’re also going to host short demos to help residents set up their amplifier. These meetings allow us to talk with the new owners about any other technologies they may be interested in, including expanding the audio system to a multi-zone solution.”

In addition to connecting with all of today’s most popular streaming music services, the standard inclusion audio system at Midnight can connect to residents’ TVs, providing an improved TV and movie-watching experience. 

The Midnight mixed-use complex is home to 230 apartments in styles ranging from studios to penthouses with rooftop terraces; the 180-room luxury Midnight Hotel complete with a restaurant and bar; and 2,000 square meters (21,500 sq. ft.) of ground-floor and upper-level commercial space. The building features striking architecture and appealing interior design, with floor-to-ceiling windows affording amazing views of the surrounding city.

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