New ELAN Smart Home Control Software Named “Human Interface Product of the Year” at CES 2017

ELAN 8 brings a higher level of intelligence, style, performance and voice control to enhance the new smart home experience.

At CES 2017, the promise of the truly integrated home of the future became a reality when ELAN introduced the latest generation of its award-winning smart home entertainment and control system. ELAN’s strength has always been ease of use, reliability and performance. The new ELAN 8 enhances the intuitive interface and adds voice control through Amazon Alexa, plus powerful new user managed features. These advances were recognized at CES 2017 when ELAN 8 was awarded with the “2017 Human Interface Product of the Year” award from the Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) Mark of Excellence Award Program Committee. The award was presented on Friday, January 6, 2017.

“The smart home just got smarter,” said Joe Roberts, President of Core Brands the parent company of ELAN. “With ELAN 8, homeowners can integrate all of their individual ‘smart’ devices and subsystems, and control them through the intuitive and elegant ELAN interface that anyone can learn in minutes. ELAN 8 represents the very best blend of robust and reliable custom installation technology that can be easily personalized, leveraging the new generation of IoT devices and appliances. We are thrilled to be honored with a CTA Mark of Excellence award.”

The ELAN 8 software eliminates the need to have multiple apps and control switches for managing lighting, security, audio, video and other aspects of the connected home. All of these components can now be controlled by the intuitive ELAN system. In addition to integrating with Nest, Lutron, DISH and other popular subsystems, ELAN enables voice control through Amazon Alexa to access its common control functions.

Security is an important part of the enhanced smart home experience and the new ELAN 8 steps up its functionality with a new dynamic video transcoding feature. This enables ELAN to pull high bitrate video from popular cameras and door stations, and dynamically transcode those videos in real-time to ensure the video footage delivered to the user is of the highest quality, and that it’s reliably delivered to mobile devices.

ELAN 8 adds an all-new media tab and streaming interface, with a new “zone” sleep timer function. All updates display the flexible elegance that users have come to expect from ELAN. The new channel guide and “TV favorites” interface lets everyone in the home easily manage their own channel favorites, and family members can quickly group media zones ‘on the fly’ for the most responsive entertainment experiencepossible. The update adds new slider controls, hundreds of new subsystem icons and a custom tabs option for ultimate personalization, and integrates Microsoft Outlook, Google Gmail and Apple iCal into the ELAN calendar module, for a seamless fit with the homeowner’s lifestyle.

CTA’s Mark of Excellence Award for the “Human Interface Product of the Year” recognizes the product that best embodies state‐of‐the‐art ergonomics coupled with cutting‐edge technology to make the human interface more intuitive, functional and user-friendly. Each Mark of Excellence award category has a judging team comprised of systems integrators, manufacturers, members of the trade press or industry consultants.

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