New ClearOne Aura Delivers Pre-Packaged Professional Audio and Video Home Office Solutions for Remote Working Professionals

To meet the growing home office market demand for professional audio and video collaboration solutions that match the quality found in a traditional corporate office, ClearOne®, (NASDAQ: CLRO), the market-leading innovator of professional audio-video collaboration solutions for Fortune 500 organizations, today introduced Aura™, a comprehensive range of Good, Better, Best packages of enterprise quality audio, video, audio-video options and a free COLLABORATE® Space lifetime subscription, the award-winning video collaboration app.


“Covid will not be with us forever but the changes it has brought to the workplace will be,” said ClearOne Chair and CEO Zee Hakimoglu.  “Home has become the new office for tens of millions of professionals who now need a work environment every bit as productive as their corporate office.  Aura was developed to deliver that much-needed enterprise quality experience in the home.  For homeowners, prospective homebuyers, builders, architects and designers, the purpose-built home office is rapidly replacing the home theater in importance.”

According to Hakimoglu, 88% of employers globally have encouraged or required employees to work from home, but only 18% of these employees have the adequate infrastructure in place to effectively work from home. Aura solutions are geared for high performance professionals across multiple industries. 

Available direct to remote working professionals or from qualified ClearOne resellers, Aura meets this growing need for easy to purchase and install commercial quality solutions that deliver HDConference® audio and true-to-life video technology  through a variety of professional microphone, audioconferencing, videoconferencing, camera and collaboration component choices that optimize home office acoustic and aesthetic aspirations.

Designed to be easily installed by both homeowners and installers, Aura owners are also supported by a dedicated sales and support team that is available 24/7.


“Only ClearOne can offer such a complete range of best-in-class components and performance technologies,” Hakimoglu asserted.  “For decades, ClearOne has been relied upon by Fortune 500 decision-makers across many vertical markets including finance, legal, healthcare, government, education, and enterprise. Now the same performance quality and reliability can be experienced by professionals in their home office.  Nothing else currently available on the market comes close to matching Aura’s performance, features, ease-of-use and value.”

Indeed, according to Hakimoglu, with an estimated 75% of employers now planning to make remote work permanent for some percentage of their employees, recommending ClearOne Aura to remote professionals should be an easy decision to make.  “Many companies are providing remote workers with financial incentives to upgrade their home office environment to match the quality and security of the office environment.”

An investment in ClearOne Aura offers an immediate ROI for business professionals and organizations through increased productivity and better communication. Remote working professionals can conduct more meetings and increase collaboration, improve quality of communication to bolster efficiency, create long-term value for an alternative business workspace at home.

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