NASCAR Hall of Fame Driver Mark Martin Accelerates His Relationship with the ELAN Smart Home Control System

Mark Martin Powersports becomes the seventh Martin-owned site in four years to be controlled and automated by an ELAN control system.

Legendary Hall of Fame race car driver Mark Martin has evolved from a home automation skeptic to the enthusiastic owner of seven ELAN Entertainment & Control Systems, with the latest installation utilizing the new ELAN 8 interface at his new store, Mark Martin Powersports. According to Ryan Heringer, owner of Jonesboro, Arkansas-based Sound Concepts, the recent NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee overcame his qualms with automation and made managing his properties and businesses easier than ever with the ELAN control system and mobile app.

“Mark really believes in the power of ELAN,” Heringer said, “and he knows we can tackle any new project he gives us. When we first met, his home had an older control system from another company that didn’t work well, so he was not in love with automation. Today, as the owner of multiple businesses and homes that are controlled by ELAN, Mark benefits from the ability to log into a system remotely and view his security cameras. It makes life easier, and it provides him with much-needed peace of mind. With the recent installation of his seventh ELAN system, it’s clear that Mark understands the power of automation and values remote accessibility.”

Without a remotely accessible solution, it would be almost impossible for Martin to keep an eye on two homes, two airplane hangars in two different states, and three businesses. At the new Mark Martin Powersports, the ELAN system integrates the building’s seven zones of HD audio, the security system, fire alarm, surveillance cameras and garage doors. This way, Martin and the store managers have full control of the facility, and the ELAN system can send automatic updates of security events to their mobile phones.

For the Mark Martin Powersports staff, a wall-mounted ELAN touch panel provides full access to the ELAN system. The touch panel lets staff select audio sources and set volumes for each audio zone, control the garage doors, and manage the graphics and videos on the digital signage displays. The simple interface also makes it easy to review surveillance camera footage and security system events in case of emergencies.

While each home and business location has its own set of needs and system features, it was important to Martin to use ELAN across all properties. His trusted team at Sound Concepts made sure that every property is easy to use, and they can all be monitored and controlled in a single phone app. An ELAN gSC10 System Controller is the brains of the new Powersports store, and with power to spare provides the owners the option to easily integrate more subsystems in the future, such as HVAC and lighting.

“What’s really great for Mark, his family and his employees is that the ELAN system works the same in every location,” Heringer added. “Even though each property has a different level of integration, the interface is identical. That means any family member can easily use the system at their home or second home, and employees can make any necessary changes at work simply and quickly. We’re thrilled that Mark recognizes the power of automation, and that he respects our ability to provide the best solutions — and even recommends our services to friends.”

Indeed, the relationship between customer and dealer couldn’t be stronger, with Martin singing the praises of Sound Concepts and what they’ve done for his many properties. “I think the real key to it, certainly for us, is the installation and service,” Martin said. “The ELAN system is great and easy to use, and we’re over the moon with the service we get from Ryan and Sound Concepts. Automation like this is valuable, both at home and at my businesses.”

In addition to the new Powersports store and his homes in Arkansas and North Carolina, Martin has ELAN systems installed at his two airplane hangars, his race shop where they build race cars and the Mark Martin Museum. The systems in the airplane hangars integrate with security, surveillance camera and audio systems so Mark can check on the buildings at any time, and enjoy his favorite music while he’s there.

The race shop’s system is slightly more integrated, offering mobile control of the building’s lights, garage doors, security, surveillance and music. So far, the Mark Martin Museum mostly uses ELAN automation to manage the customer-facing digital signage, turning them on and off at programmed times. This enthusiastic embrace of the ELAN system is a big evolution for Martin, who had previous first-hand experience with a different automation system that was complicated and troublesome.

“I used difficult equipment in the past, but now, with ELAN, I finally found something that works all the time, and a great local company I trust to take care of it,” Martin added. “I always tell people it’s a lifesaver for any business or homeowner to be able to monitor who’s been on site, and then, of course, there’s the fun of just being able to control the lights, music, videos, any everything else from my phone, tablet, or wall-mounted touch panel. I’m lucky to have met Ryan for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that he introduced me to ELAN.”

Martin and Heringer continue to discuss future work, including expanding the capabilities of some existing systems and any new buildings or businesses that arise over the next several years. “Mark is a wonderful client, and I eagerly await the next project we work on together. We love bringing our clients’ visions to life, and it’s even better when we know how much the client appreciates the benefits of a system like ELAN,” Heringer concluded. “I really think it’s fair to say that we have a true Hall of Fame relationship in place — Mark Martin, Sound Concepts, and, of course, ELAN — the solution that puts all of us in complete control of everything in our lives.”

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