NanoLumens Vice President of Sales Almir DeCarvalho to Present On-Floor DSE 2017 Workshop on LCD and LED Displays

DSE attendees looking to further their understanding of LCD and LED displays and hoping to learn how to decide which digital signage solution is best for them should be sure to attend the DSE on-floor workshop presented by Almir DeCarvalho, NanoLumens Vice Presidents of Sales, titled “LED Vs. LCD: The Competitive Landscape of Visualization Technologies.” The presentation will take place on March 30th, at 11:45 a.m. at booth #1231.

The workshop will outline the variations in resolution, size and flexibility between LED and LCD displays, while providing attendees with a detailed list of how to approach the initial question: LED or LCD? Attendees will learn the basic differentiation between LCD and LED pixel pitch, as well as how fine pitch LED and LCD solutions can enhance a specific atmosphere and meet any digital signage requirement. The workshop will also discuss where technology needs to change in order to bring LED to a competitive place in the digital display market in addition to outlining the levels of LCD performance.

“Narrow pixel pitch LED (NPP LED) continues to gain ground and is rapidly becoming a serious competitor to tiled display technology. Though still arguably in its infancy, NPP LED technology is already competing in a range of vertical markets and looks set for strong growth moving forward,” according to DeCarvalho. “In fact, we expect NPP LED displays to represent nearly 45% of the market by the year 2020. All things being equal, there is simply no reason why a customer wouldn’t choose LED over LCD. It’s a question of the newer technology replacing an older technology.  It happens all the time.”

LED Vs. LCD: The Competitive Landscape of Visualization Technologies” is perfect for end-users in retail, sports, corporate campuses, gaming, and higher education, among others. It will also provide great insight for integrators and manufacturers.

DeCarvalho has been with NanoLumens for over five years, and currently serves as Vice President of Sales. Prior to joining NanoLumens, he worked as Director of Corporate Sales for Adaptive Micro Systems LLC., and in the Worldwide Corporate Sales department at FedEx. He has a Bachelor’s degree from University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth.