NanoLumens Supports Executive Order to Buy American, Hire American

NanoLumens CEO Rick Cope says he hopes the order will change federal agency procurement policies that have unfairly disadvantaged American display manufacturers and jeopardized America’s national security.

Calling it a decision that is long overdue, NanoLumens, the industry-leading American manufacturer and marketer of indoor and outdoor LED visualization solutions, today applauded President Donald Trump’s executive order directing United States federal agencies to buy more goods and services from American companies and American workers.

“For far too long our federal agencies have put price before security in the purchase of their LED visualization solutions,” NanoLumens CEO Rick Cope said today. “The signing of this new executive order is a victory for American manufacturers and workers that also sends a signal to those competitors who have benefited greatly from predatory pricing policies that those days are done.”

In supporting the new executive order, Cope cited the example of two recent sales of Chinese manufactured LED displays to the United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) and the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) at a secure Command & Control Center located on the Offutt Air Force Base near Omaha, Nebraska.

“With the growing threat of state-sponsored cyber espionage now a serious national concern, we were surprised and saddened by SPAWAR and USSTRATCOM’s decision to install a white-labeled Chinese display at its Nebraska Command & Control Center,” said Cope, a retired United States Marine Corps officer. “Presented with the option of working with an American company that offers a superior and secure LED solution, SPAWAR and USSTRATCOM decided instead to save 10% of the total cost and buy Chinese displays from a Canadian reseller who sourced the displays from a Chinese factory that SPAWAR and USSTRATCOM never heard of, never visited, and never vetted.  It is our sincere hope that this new executive order will prevent something like this from ever happening again.”

“Having operated in front of command and control centers at USCENTCOM, SOCOM and the Pentagon, I fully appreciate the important role these displays play in presenting extremely classified information in real-time to our national decision-makers,” Cope emphasized. “These Chinese displays have a Chinese operating system that takes the content and manipulates it before displaying it on the screen. There is no way to ascertain whether or not they are rerouting that same display image back to Beijing. This would not be the first time a foreign government tried to build technology that they then sold to the U.S. government that contains the ability to reroute information, as we have seen multiple times recently.” 

NanoLumens has more fine pitch direct-view LED displays installed in the United States than any other company. “If you watch cable news, work inside a financial control room or a corporate headquarters, or are an avid sports fan, you’ve experienced the state-of-the-art technology of a fine pitch NanoLumens LED display in action. We have been chosen by both major American and international corporations because of our superior visual quality and technology. All NanoLumens displays are designed, assembled, serviced and supported in the United States by an American team that ensures that they operate reliably 24/7/365 with all of the data secured.  We also meet the requirements for the Buy American Act as well as being TAA compliant,” says Cope.