NanoLumens® Predicts a Bright Future for Direct View Cinema LED Displays

NanoLumens Chief Technology Officer Gary Feather to participate in a session on the use of Direct View displays in cinema environments at IBC 2017.

Having taken the lead with the development and installation of its first Direct View Cinema LED display three years ago, NanoLumens, award-winning creators of uniquely compelling interactive LED visualization solutions, today predicted that cinemas represented the next great channel opportunity for Direct View LED displays and called upon the entire industry to collaborate to create an unprecedented in-theater experience for movie goers. According to NanoLumens CEO Rick Cope, the company installed its first Direct View Cinema LED display nearly three years ago at the Telstra Corporate Experience Center in Sydney, Australia and has been actively advancing the technology of cinema displays ever since.

“NanoLumens has led the industry in the development of Direct View Cinema LED Displays for quite some time,” Cope emphasized today. “We now see a convergence of technology and market opportunity that promises to make cinema an important new channel for the LED format. The cinema space is evolving, and audiences are expanding their needs to include a bigger and brighter range of services. Theater space is no longer solely used for film; concerts, corporate gatherings, and event viewing parties are all making use of theater space to dazzle guests. Additionally, as eSports continue to grow they too will turn to cinema space as a venue capable of immersing audiences.”

Having driven the transition from Film to DLP in the 1990s, NanoLumens leadership understands the need to consider the next generation of cinematic display solutions from the perspectives of directors and producers, as well as theatre owners and audience members. “The environment created by the display must meet all the characteristics essential to the charm of cinematic storytelling. The core premise of this industry after all is ‘A story well told,’ as articulated by the Imagineers at Disney decades ago,” emphasized NanoLumens Chief Technology Officer Gary Feather, who, at one time, led the DLP Display Systems business unit at Texas Instruments.

Feather explained that the features NanoLumens builds are only one element of the magic that allows audiences to live and feel those stories, but in this pursuit there can be no complacency. “For us, Direct View LED is not just a display; it is an all-embracing system and perception solution. If we as an industry are to be successful though, NanoLumens will not be in the transition to Direct View LED alone. There is a great future ahead for LED in cinema, and we must work together to support the needs of every stakeholder, incorporating all viewpoints into the solutions we create. NanoLumens began years ago to consider our entire industry in the transition to Direct View LED solutions for cinema, and we expect to keep contributing our capabilities in displays in order to create the most lifelike experiences possible for audiences everywhere.”

According to Feather, nearly three years ago NanoLumens completed development of a Direct View LED display suitable for cinema applications and installed it as the centerpiece of the then-new Telstra Customer Insight Center in Sydney, Australia. The theatre, which seats 300, has been busy with activity ever since its opening, hosting internal corporate meetings, product launches with key customers, concerts by pop groups and chamber orchestras, broadcast and webcast events, and presentations by global luminaries including Oliver Stone and Steve Wozniak.

Feather will be participating in a speaking session titled “Direct View Displays: Is this the end of projectors?” during IBC 2017 on September 17th at 11AM in the auditorium of the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The session will review the evolving technology that makes direct-view displays feasible for movie auditoriums, as well as the challenges that face such a fundamental shift in motion-picture image technology.

“Nothing comes close to delivering the image quality of a Direct View LED display in a theater environment,” Feather asserted.  “In the very near future movie goers will get to experience the same amazing experience already being enjoyed by visitors to the Telstra Experience Center.”