NanoLumens Opens Spectacular Multi-Million Dollar Display Visualization Center in Las Vegas, Nevada

The third NanoLumens Display Visualization Center serves as a complete creative resource for customers and partners throughout the western region of the United States

Underscoring its commitment to place spectacular showrooms in strategic geographic locations close to its growing customer base, NanoLumens, the industry-leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor displays, today announced the opening of its third permanent multi-million dollar Visualization Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Like the two centers already open in Georgia and the UK, the new Las Vegas Visualization Center is designed to provide customers with a mind-altering experience that forever changes the way they approach visualization as a business.

The new 7,700 square-foot state-of-the-art facility showcases NanoLumens’ entire line of various pixel pitch indoor and outdoor LED solutions, including the recently introduced Outdoor Performance and Outdoor Gallery Series of displays. It also offers on-site visualization associates who are ready to discuss specific projects, provide side-by-side display comparisons, and generate recommendations as to how to best turn a dream into a visual reality.

“The best way for our customers and partners to understand what we can do for them is to see our solutions in-person. There is an awe-inspiring difference from what you can see in photos,” said NanoLumens CEO Rick Cope. “Once customers see our displays operating side-by-side in a showroom environment, and speak with our on-site associates and engineers, they quickly understand that NanoLumens is uniquely able to translate their biggest dreams into a visual reality that will enhance their business.  We’ve seen this happen time and again in our Georgia and London showrooms and we expect the same to happen in our new Las Vegas Visualization Center.”

The new Las Vegas NanoLumens Visualization center is strategically positioned to meet the needs of the world’s largest gaming and casino market as well as the needs of vertical market customers throughout the western part of the United States. “All of our markets, including retail, sports & gaming, transportation and corporate customers, now have a complete idea and resource center that they can easily visit to stimulate ideas that bring their visualization needs to life,” Cope added.

The official opening of the new Visualization Center took place last week in conjunction with InfoComm 2016. NanoLumens hosted an open house and reception for several hundred show attendees who took time from their schedules to be among the first to see NanoLumens visualization in action!

The NanoLumens Visualization Center is located at 5275 S. Arville Street in Suite 328. It is open daily from 9:00AM to 5:00PM.  To schedule an appointment, customers and partners can email NanoLumens Director of Global Business Development Eric Techo at or call 1-888-771-NANO (6266).

To view and download images of NanoLumens Las Vegas Visualization Center grand opening, click here.