NanoLumens Helps Casinos Hit the Jackpot With Compelling New Customer Engagement Solutions That Maximize On-Site Revenue

The dream of hitting the jackpot is the single biggest thing that drives gamers to return to their favorite casinos time and time again.  Now that same dream is becoming a major commercial reality for dozens of small and large casino owner-operators who have learned that fine pixel pitch LED display solutions from NanoLumens are the way to better engage with customers, keep them seated longer in show-stopping sports books, present advertising that’s more compelling and retainable, and better direct them to every part of the casino landscape.

“The stakes are high for everyone involved in the gaming industry,” NanoLumens Vice President of Gaming & Casinos Doug Fundator said today. “The number one goal of every owner-operator is to create a more compelling player experience that outdraws their competition and increases on-site revenues from every operation area— and the absolute best way for casinos to elevate their game is through brilliant, sharp, giant LED displays that immediately connect with the digitally influenced and connected gamers who walk through their doors every day.  NanoLumens solutions are literally helping gaming clients to maximize revenue from every part of their casino operations.”

A good case in point is the Red Rock Resort Sports Book who, after the implementation of their new LED display, has seen month over month growth in revenue and standing room only attendance.  Indeed, the list of satisfied NanoLumens gaming and casino clients grows larger every year and includes industry leaders such as WinStar World Casino, Tachi Palace, Scarlet Pearl, Fort McDowell Casino, Seven Clans Casino and the soon to come River Spirit Casino and Creek Nation Casino.  NanoLumens is also the LED of choice for multiple Station Casinos properties in Las Vegas, Nevada, including Green Valley Ranch Resort, Santa Fe Station and Red Rock Resort.

The stakes are particularly high when it comes to displays that are installed in highly visible, mission-critical areas of the casino.  “Lobbies, sports books, and the slot machine areas, both for toppers and meters, are where the demands for performance and reliability are the highest,” Fundator emphasized, “and that’s where the NanoLumens value proposition has really taken hold.  Our customers know that our displays not only deliver the best performance quality but also the highest level of performance reliability. They just don’t ever go down, and our six-year warranty puts it right on the line for them.”

Channel success has been further strengthened by the recent opening of a full-line NanoLumens visualization center in Las Vegas and the appointment of a full time engineer to provide on-site support to Vegas area customers.  “The visualization center really sends a message to the channel,” Fundator emphasized.  “We’re so committed to the segment that we maintain a year-round presence where customers can see our latest displays in action without having to travel to a special trade show.”

The list of things LED displays can do for casino owner-operators grows by the minute, hour, day and week, and includes: welcoming gamers to the slot machines and tables; providing much-needed directions on where to go to buy tickets for shows; advertising upcoming events along with on-site restaurants and gift shops; sharing sponsor information and videos; as well as entertaining guests with streamed sports, concerts, news, weather, and other video.

According to Fundator, while the sparkling clear sharpness of LED displays and video walls will catch the eyes of customers and keep them coming back for more, the back end of a casino’s business will love the additional savings also created by the solutions. LED displays are highly energy efficient, so the drag on power usage drops dramatically when making the switch from LCD to LED, or from older technology such as projection screens. Today’s technology is re-energizing the industry by truly engaging fans in a whole new way.

Because sports books and casino floors are the ultimate gamer destinations, owner-operators need the ultimate partner to create unique LED solutions for every type of environment. “At NanoLumens, we create truly individualized experiences in any shape, size or curvature for every part of a casino,” Fundator continued. “Our ability to do this makes us an ideal partner for clients who, in many instances, need to work with their existing infrastructure while still maximizing the player experience through 21st century engagement technology.”