NanoLumens® Further Strengthens its Commitment to Innovation with Award of Six New Patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office

With 28 patents in hand and more than two-dozen additional patent applications pending, NanoLumens remains committed to innovation and developing new solutions for its customers and the AV industry.

NanoLumens, award-winning creators of uniquely compelling interactive LED visualization solutions, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded the company six new patents, covering a broad range of areas surrounding the company’s revolutionary Nixel™ technology, according to NanoLumens Director of Intellectual Property and Technology Strategy Ted Heske. The awards bring to 28 the number of patents issued to NanoLumens with new applications filed monthly and more than two-dozen additional patent applications pending.

“Our growing portfolio of patents and pending patents spans a range of technology families that provide enabling innovation in the areas of flexible displays, lightweight displays, mobile displays, uniquely shaped displays, interactive displays as well as display installation and serviceability,” Heske said today. “Multiple proprietary technologies are embedded within every NanoLumens display we design and build. These new patents further expand the scope of what our portfolio protects and makes our intellectual property that much more robust and defensible.”

According to Heske, the six new patents issued since May 2017 include:

US D801,300       Linear Shaped Digital Display                                      Issued Oct. 31, 2017

US D798,247       Round Light Emitting Display                                       Issued Sep. 6, 2017

US 9,754,518      Front Serviceable Mounting Apparatus & Methods     Issued Sep. 5, 2017

US D791,235       Digital Display                                                                Issued Jul. 7, 2017

US 9,651,724      Photo-luminescent Display System and Methods        Issued May 16, 2017

US 9,640,516      Flexible Display Apparatus and Methods                     Issued May 2, 2017

Additional information about each area covered by the six new patents issued to NanoLumens include the following:

Flexible Displays – Creating displays that seamlessly integrate with an underlying curved structure, and doing so in a way that is free from any visual aberrations is the focus of this patent family.  Numerous innovations have been introduced, solving long-standing industry problems at the device, board, module, and even system level. The company’s flexible systems can seamlessly tile a compound curved surface thereby creating high impact upon viewers. 

Lightweight Displays – Lightweight display modules enable a much greater range of potential applications than what was formerly known in the industry. Innovations in this family touch upon several different components of NanoLumens’ modular display systems to deliver a full up system of dramatically lower installed weight. Substantial weight savings enable installation into environments that formerly would not be considered, thereby expanding the company’s potential market.

Mobile Displays – Large mobile displays are useful in many venues and circumstances, especially when the installed location is temporary. Patents in this family address problems in achieving person-sized displays that are large enough to make a significant visual impact yet must be mobile to suit their usage. Rapid deployment, configuration, and redeployment of large displays are improved by innovation in this area.

Uniquely Shaped Displays – Patents in this family address numerous features of a visual display system that contribute to its impact upon viewers, especially the shape of a display and its three dimensional configuration. The variety of eye-catching shapes and configurations continues to expand in this family. 

Interactive Displays – Patents in this family extend the company’s display technology into the realm of interactive display technology. Innovations here enable improved tele-presence by reducing latency and creating more realistic interactions due to head-on viewing, correct perspective and human scale display. A better quality of interaction and an enlarged effective tele-presence zone is thereby enabled.

Display Installation and Serviceability – Patents in this family address numerous features of a display system that are of interest to the owners and operators of such systems. NanoLumens’ innovations in this area improve ease of installation, ease of service and ease of configuration in a variety of installation environments including rigid structure mounting, self-supported and suspension mounting.