NanoLumens ENGAGE Series LED Displays Provide Unique Nameplate Solution for East Baton Rouge Metro Council Board Members

NanoLumens ENGAGE Series LED Displays Provide Unique Nameplate Solution for East Baton Rouge Metro Council Board Members

For a company that has consistently tackled requests for very large and innovative LED display installations – often times in excess of 100-feet long – a recent installation of multiple displays at under one-foot long demonstrated that for NanoLumens, award-winning creators of uniquely compelling interactive LED visualization solutions, no request is ever too big — or too small.

When the East Baton Rouge, Louisiana Metro Council finished a long overdue remodel of their chambers, a project done by Grace Hebert Architects, they were looking to add a fitting touch to the dais its board members sit at for their meetings – a way to uniquely and clearly identify council members.

Patrick Meek of local Baton Rouge AV integrator Technical Services Group (TSG) immediately turned to NanoLumens for a solution that added a very modern and effective way to replace the old nameplates that traditionally sat in front of council members. Meek installed sixteen 2.95” x 11.8” 1.87mm NanoLumens Engage™ Series displays into the front of the dais, positioned directly below where each board member sits.

“NanoLumens fulfills custom display requests better than anyone and when the Baton Rouge Metro Council came to me with this nameplate request I knew they would produce exactly what we were looking for,” Meek explained. “The council had just finished a renovation of their chambers and they wanted new, non-static nameplates for each member that would match the renovation and show up better for TV viewers.”

As part of the finishedinstalled solution, NanoLumens designed the custom back boxes for the displays. The back boxes enhance the appearance of each display, resulting in a clear image for the audience and for broadcast that clearly identifies each board member.

“The old static nameplates made it almost impossible to identify the board member if you weren’t sitting up close to the dais, and completely impossible to see the names on TV,” Meek continued. “The 1.87mm pixel pitch of the NanoLumens displays are so clear and bright you can easily identify who is speaking as well as the district they represent. On camera, they look phenomenal.”

Meek added that the module resolution for each display is 40×160 for a total of 6,400 pixels and the image each produces is crystal clear.

Yet another advantage of the NanoLumens display solution is the ability to quickly and easily swap out council member information within the displays and update the board’s make-up whenever necessary.

Meek, as well as the East Baton Rouge Metro Council, also gave high marks for the display’s ability to be front serviced, as a simple touch of the front panel pops out each display for both technical service and content change. And NanoLumens’ six-year Nixel™ to Pixel warranty backs the display all the way down to the individual LED.

“This is all part of partnering with NanoLumens as they are the only manufacturer we’ve dealt with that handles every request with a ‘no problem’ attitude,” Meek concluded. “No one matches NanoLumens when it comes to handling custom display jobs. They take an idea and create something that consistently exceeds expectations. They make your idea come to life.”