NanoLumens® Debuts White Paper eBook Highlighting the Importance of Content in LED Display Engagement

“LED Displays: Content at the Core” by NanoLumens is available for immediate download.

Furthering its commitment to provide businesses with fully informed LED visualization solutions, NanoLumens®, award-winning creators of LED visualization solutions, today debuted a white paper eBook on their company website, providing businesses with insight on the importance of content in the development of impactful LED displays. To access “LED Displays: Content at the Core by NanoLumens,” click here.

“Content is the basis for the creation of a complete LED visualization solution that achieves the highest levels of customer engagement,” said Joe’ Lloyd, Vice President of Global Marketing at NanoLumens. “Because an LED display is built for the specific purpose of presenting content, there are naturally countless questions to be asked and answered regarding the presentation, development and production of that content.”

An effective LED display revolves around the content it shows, it’s designed to be a messenger; a tool to convey information, inspire emotions and incite wonderment. With topics focusing on development, content creation and presentation, the white paper eBook aims to provide insight into the overall development process and establish a baseline of understanding of the role that content plays in the life of an LED display.

“At NanoLumens we’re committed to providing a complete LED system that engages and compels viewers to respond to content,” said Lloyd. “With the release of our white paper eBook, we hope that we’re able to provide a more thorough understanding of of the fundamental steps involved in creating an effective LED solution.”