NanoLumens® Debuts Website for its AWARE Platform; Promotes Brice McPheeters to Lead Expanded Business Development Programs

NanoLumens, the award-winning creators of uniquely compelling interactive LED visualization solutions in any size, shape, or curvature, today announced the launch of a dedicated website for NanoLumens AWARE, the world’s most advanced LED and LCD display management ecosystem, at

Coincident with the launch of the dedicated website, the company today announced the promotion of Brice McPheeters to the position of Director of Customer Experience to drive the global deployment of the rapidly expanding AWARE platform. “By separating the AWARE platform into its own website, we can have a deeper connection to network operators and provide them with detailed feature sets, demo videos, and blog posts to keep them up to date on the latest trends,” McPheeters said. “The new AWARE website continues to broaden the audience for AWARE as a stand-alone product that can be utilized in any environment with any display combination.”

According to McPheeters, the original 2016 launch of NanoLumens AWARE revealed a real industry need for a complete LED and LCD display management solution. “We launched networks with some of the largest names in the digital signage business, solidifying the fact that AWARE is not only here to stay but it is a major contender. As NanoLumens continues to invest in the growth of AWARE, we will continue to expand the platform with new technology that keeps our out of box solution on the cutting edge for our users while also providing completely custom enterprise solutions to clients who operate large networks with extremely specific needs.”

AWARE is a simple, versatile and expandable content and digital display management system that positions users to stay ahead of today’s constantly evolving digital marketing needs. With real-time analytics and engagement measures now playing a crucial role in crafting and improving marketing messages, ad space owners need to offer the latest technologies to meet any customer’s needs.

Improving upon existing options, NanoLumens developed AWARE to help digital display managers maintain and maximize revenue from any size digital infrastructure and take advantage of modern analytics in ways that traditional, narrowly-focused CMS options simply weren’t built for. As a cloud-based system, access is available around the world for 24/7 responsiveness.

Brice McPheeters joined NanoLumens in 2016 as Director of Business Development and has played a major role in the original development and deployment of the NanoLumens AWARE platform. According to NanoLumens Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Karen Robinson, to whom McPheeters reports, the promotion to Director of Customer Experience is a testament to McPheeters’ ability to “Always think in terms of the customer’s journey and his track-record of developing strategic relationships with third-party developers who make their solutions available on the AWARE platform. In his new position he will continue to build AWARE into a successful and profitable business unit within the company.”