NanoLumens® AWARE® Platform Brings Fine Art and High-Tech Views to New City Hall in Peachtree Corners, Georgia

For Peachtree Corners, one of Georgia’s newest official cities, the installation of several NanoLumens® LED displays at the new City Hall represents much of what the town stands for: community, local business and a thriving high-tech entrepreneurial spirit. For NanoLumens, a Peachtree Corners company that manufactures brilliant LED displays in any size, shape or curvature, the installation is a testament to the company’s unparalleled technology and ingenuity, and a showcase of its AWARE® display management system and app store that allows for simple control, diagnostics, updates and automation of any displays, including third-party LCD models, all from an easy-to-use online portal.

Three NanoLumens LED displays were installed in total, with one 10.7’ x 6’, 1.8mm 1080p model in the main board room, and two curved, vertical 4.75’ x 7.8’ models on either side of the entrance lobby. The two curved displays use AWARE to program and present aerial drone footage of Peachtree Corners, taken by a local videographer, while the boardroom display streams a curated, rotating selection of fine art, thanks to another local Atlanta company, Loupe.

Loupe’s LoupeArt service is a newly integrated feature of the AWARE platform, providing access to a customizable streaming gallery of contemporary art, atmospheric visuals and relaxing images from artists around the world. In fact, this is the first integration of LoupeArt with NanoLumens displays, and it marries a fast-growing Georgia city with fine art curated by a Georgia company, presented on brilliant LED displays from another Georgia company!

According to Brandon Branham, the Finance Director for Peachtree Corners who was responsible for building the City Hall’s audiovisual network, the new City Hall building is a shining statement of local pride and has created a permanent home to aid further development of the city and its public infrastructure.

“We wanted to create a place that our residents would be proud to call city hall,” Branham said. “Every resident likes to see that their local government is stable, operating efficiently and is investing in public spaces with modern amenities. More than that, we’re all grateful when we can incorporate local businesses and locally-produced materials into our public spaces. After this successful project and the overwhelmingly positive response, we are planning to include NanoLumens display technology in the upcoming Town Center development.”

As the city expands its NanoLumens and audiovisual infrastructure in other city buildings and parks, the NanoLumens AWARE platform will help simplify troubleshooting and maintenance by offering fast, simple connectivity for third-party devices, remote diagnostics, mobile device control, AWARE content apps like LoupeArt, live view of any display’s content, and even a virtual map of installed displays with indicators for performance and stability.

NanoLumens’ Southeast Sales Director Arch Nelson worked closely with Branham and Peachtree Corners based integrator Avyve to determine ideal sizes, pixel pitches and installation details, and he says this is the perfect partnership of local businesses with local government in a city increasingly known for its high-tech industry and rapid growth.

“Peachtree Corners’ new City Hall building represents the town, and the high-tech, attention-grabbing lobby is what most people will remember,” Nelson said. “Now it has that ‘wow’ factor everybody’s always talking about, with glass walls accentuated by curved HD videos of local areas and a board room LED display that can be instantly taken over for any presentation or video use by meeting leaders. It just makes sense to work with local companies, and we couldn’t be happier to help one of Georgia’s fastest-growing cities show off and plan for the future.”

Longevity and performance was also important to the city, as it wants public infrastructure to be resilient and reliable over the long term. NanoLumens’ unmatched 6-year warranty sealed the deal on that thought, besting competing companies’ warranties by several years. NanoLumens product design helps in that regard as well, since the large displays are actually comprised of small, identical pixel blocks called Nixels™ that can be replaced if even a single pixel malfunctions.

“We are excited to have a new permanent City Hall after renting since 2012, and to continue leveraging local experts to create a city to be proud of,” Branham added. “Our population has risen more than 20 percent in the last five years, so there are always new opportunities to give our residents and businesses the most forward-thinking, American-dream enabling local government possible. Working with local companies is a huge part of that, and I look forward to our next collaboration with NanoLumens.”

AWARE is NanoLumens’ groundbreaking hardware-based software as a service platform that seamlessly combines display diagnostics and support functions with the ability to choose a variety of apps, services and content sources. It comes available with all NanoLumens displays and as a standalone hardware unit for third-party LCD displays. With unlimited system size, hundreds of displays can be managed and monitored through AWARE, making it one of the most powerful platforms of its kind. Perfect for uses such as a city with displays located in various buildings and public spaces, the AWARE platform provides an invaluable map and list of all connected displays, with instant control of any or all displays and alerts for performance issues.