NanoLumens Awarded Multiple Patents on its Flexible LED Display Technology

Company expresses concern that customers and integrators are inadvertently buying products that infringe on NanoLumens’ intellectual property.

NanoLumens (, the industry-leading designer of indoor and outdoor LED visualization solutions in any size, shape, or curvature, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has, to date, issued more than 18 patents covering key aspects of the company’s innovative visualization platform technologies. An even larger and growing number of the company’s inventions are patent pending.

“We have spent significant time and money innovating and creating quality, curved products for which we have been issued multiple patents,” NanoLumens CEO Rick Cope said today.  “The marketplace is growing increasingly confusing and convoluted with the introduction of often times lesser quality visualization platform technologies every week. The most successful businesses will be those that can best leverage their intellectual property into practical interactive visualization solutions that deliver persistent value throughout the platforms’ lifecycles. Unfortunately, a number of manufacturers are selling products which violate our IP and flood the market with cheap imitations that ultimately degrade the trust customers place in LED technology as a whole.”

NanoLumens has made significant advances in the area of high-quality, flexible LED display modules, which is a core competency of the company. US Patents number 8,963,895, 9,013,367, 9,058,755, 9,159,707, 9,326,620, and others enable NanoLumens to build large, flexible, modular display systems in any size, shape, or curvature. The company’s proprietary technology is applicable to a number of key performance characteristics of modular display systems.

“It is difficult to achieve seamlessness in a large flexible display that is built from many smaller display modules because of the extraordinary sensitivity of the human visual system in detecting tiny misalignments of vertical and horizontal patterns,” Cope explained. “Our patented technology enables our products to achieve durable, repeatable fine alignments of adjacent display modules, resulting in beautiful seamless displays of any size, shape or curvature.”

Cope urged customers and system integrators to choose display solutions that possess authentic NanoLumens technology. “Only NanoLumens solutions are authorized to use the unique IP that makes our products stand out in every meaningful way from every other solution available in the market,” he asserted.

Indeed, according to Cope, NanoLumens intends to vigorously defend its technology against encroachment by other manufacturers. “As NanoLumens moves forward with legal actions, I urge customers and system integrators to avoid the risks inherent in buying or using display solutions infringing upon our company’s IP rights and therefore risking legal action,” he said.