NanoLumens® and Digital Place Solutions Combine to Install LED Displays at Three Shopping Centers Managed by The GPT Group

Australia’s retail shopping centers are experiencing a 21st century rejuvenation with the continued installation of brilliant NanoLumens® LED displays by Digital Place Solutions (DPS). The two companies recently completed installations at three premier shopping centres managed by The GPT Group: Highpoint Shopping Centre in Melbourne, Casuarina Square in Darwin, and Rouse Hill Town Centre in Sydney. The new installations join three other NanoLumens installations at the GPT managed Melbourne Central Tower, Charlestown Square in New South Wales and a prior installation at Highpoint Shopping Centre in 2015.

According to DPS Director Gerry Thorley, “When we suspend a NanoLumens LED display from the ceiling or on a wall in one of these malls, they instantly become a place where people stop and become enthralled by the visual presentation. Our initial installations proved that the characteristics of the displays — large, lightweight and super bright, brilliant colors — allowed for them to be placed in the ideal locations where they maximize the advertising reach for retailers and vendors, and therefore maximize advertising revenues for the shopping center owners. They additionally provide benefits for shoppers, such as live TV and sports coverage and news and information about the shopping centers themselves.”

“The NanoLumens displays change the ambience of the area they are in, and help us to share attractive content with shoppers,” said Kate Stone, New Business Manager, New Revenue at The GPT Group.

A main feature of NanoLumens is the light weight of the displays as compared to competitors and other technologies. Thanks to this feature, all of the installations required minimal infrastructure and support, and used existing walls and beams for mounting where available. In contrast, traditional video walls would be much heavier and projectors would be subject to being washed out by other light, making them unusable.

The three new displays vary in size and pixel density, a testament to NanoLumens’ ability to build unique displays specifically suited to each location and use. Highpoint Shopping Centre now has two distinct NanoLumens displays in separate areas, following a previous installation in 2015.

“We’re excited to see our work with NanoLumens spread across the country and bring vibrant, high-quality advertising and video to public spaces,” DPS Director Stephen Rubie added. “It’s delightful to see how shoppers become awestruck by the displays, and it’s great to have solutions for multiple situations, like two-sided portrait banners and single-sided large-scale displays. NanoLumens comes through every time with exactly what the project requires, custom built to specifications. There really isn’t another technology that could do what they do, or go where we’ve installed these displays. The partnership has offered an eye-catching way to reach people in an engaging way.”

The largest of the new LED displays was installed at Highpoint Shopping Centre, where the 22’ by 12.5’ (6.7 meters by 3.81 meters), 4mm pixel pitch NanoLumens display now hangs in the food court. It is mostly used to share live events, sports, and other targeted content. The Casuarina Square installation features a 17’ by 9.5’ (5.18 meters by 2.89 meters) 4mm pixel pitch display, also in the food court, that hosts a mix of live and curated content, making it a customer focal point during major sporting events.

The Rouse Hill Town Centre display is the only portrait-oriented display of the three, and is double-sided, catching the attention of shoppers from both sides. It is suspended from a single beam above the centre’s moving sidewalks (called travellators in Australia) and commands a massive impact as shoppers slowly glide underneath it. The 7’ by 12’ (2.13 meters by 3.65 meters) display’s 3mm pixel pitch ensures HD visualization quality for all content.

A previous DPS project at Charlestown Square featured the first ever NanoLumens rotating display, a double-sided portrait model that is motorized and rotates from the ceiling.

Commenting on the expanding success of the company’s relationship with both Digital Place Solutions and The GPT Group, NanoLumens Vice President of Sales, U.S.-East and International Almir DeCarvalho emphasized that, “The relationship between our three firms grows more successful by the year because we all share the same vision and values. The GPT Group is a forward-looking retailer who understands what it takes to make customer engagement more compelling and more profitable. Digital Place Solutions is dedicated to exceeding the customer’s expectations for design and installation, and NanoLumens is the only LED visualization partner in the world who can quite literally create a display to meet any installation environment.”