Mohegan Sun Casino Adds Advertising and Promotional Capabilities to Slots With NanoLumens® Truly Curved 360-Degree Displays

Casinos are extremely competitive, with everything from new games and slots, shopping, restaurants and concerts helping to attract guests and keep them coming back for more. That means all aspects of the casino must be the best they can be, and use the newest technologies, which is why Mohegan Sun’s Uncasville, Connecticut location recently upgraded six limited-functionality LED displays to vibrant, attention-grabbing 360-degree Truly Curved NanoLumens® Nixel Series® displays.

The secret to NanoLumens’ Truly Curved display technology is the Nixel™, the company’s flexible building block for all NanoLumens Nixel Series™ displays. This patented technology is flexible for both convex and concave curves and bends with the curvature of the display, creating a truly curved display with no gaps or facets and with superior viewing angles. The end result is a better horizon view with no black or loss of visibility up to 180 degrees. The Nixel™ technology is actually NanoLumens’ intellectual property and a competitive advantage the company is proud to claim. Buyers who are looking for curved displays should be aware that when purchasing curved displays from another manufacturer, they could be buying a cheaper product of less quality that infringes on the company’s intellectual property rights.