Modus VR is Coming to InfoComm 2019 to Listen and Learn from Commercial AV Resellers

Creator of a groundbreaking easy-to-use virtual design software platform will enter the commercial AV market later this year with an initial focus on conference rooms and huddle spaces.

Modus VR, developer of the revolutionary virtual reality design software platform that is rapidly becoming a mainstay in residential custom installation reseller showrooms across the country, is coming to InfoComm 2019 to listen and learn about the specific needs of commercial AV resellers in advance of an expected formal market entry later this year.

According to Modus VR Co-Founder Ken Brueck, when the company was invited to exhibit at InfoComm in the Focal Naim America booth (#5587) the offer was simply too good to turn down. “We’re planning to officially enter the commercial AV market later this year and this invitation to be a part of the Focal Naim booth allows us to hear first hand from commercial AV resellers about their specific needs in a focused, trade show environment. We expect that what we learn at InfoComm will help us to shape a better solution offering for commercial AV users. We invite anyone who is interested in learning more about how to use VR as a design and sales tool to visit us at the Focal Naim booth.”

According to Brueck, Modus VR’s initial commercial AV market focus will be on conference rooms and huddle spaces.  “We recognize that the commercial AV market is massive and extends into auditoriums, houses of worship, classrooms, retail and hospitality,” he explained. “We’re going to start with conference rooms and huddle spaces because they relate most closely to what we are doing in the residential market with home theater and media room design.”

Brueck emphasized that home theaters and media rooms share a similar set of challenges with conference rooms and huddle spaces. “Seating quantity and placement, screen size, and speaker positioning are common factors in both applications,” he asserted. “In residential it’s all about seeing the performance in full fidelity. In commercial it’s all about videoconferencing and being able to completely see and follow presentations. If the acoustics are bad, the conference call fails. If the visuals are bad, productivity is lost. Our software platform can be applied in both of these design applications.”

Modus VR is a unique sales tool for AV professionals that helps salespeople close deals faster and upsell naturally. Leveraging the latest in VR technology, Modus lets clients experience their theater and media rooms before construction ever begins. Unlike traditional workflows, everything in Modus VR can be changed on the fly, allowing a salesperson to demonstrate the value of different screen sizes, seating configurations, and more—all in real time.

With Modus VR, every client space can be recreated to scale within minutes, greatly accelerating the design of the media room of their dreams. The solution takes into account room size, the shape of the space (including unique angles), as well as window and door placement to make the space true to reality. Users can even customize select style elements, from room color to wall-placed artwork. Sight lines, viewing angles and standing waves are all easily depicted within the software, and the best part of all is that the final design can be directly exported to CAD, eliminating the busy work of traditional blueprints.

Modus VR made its world debut at CEDIA 2018 where it was honored with a CEDIA Best in Show Award by Residential Systems magazine.