Minority Media to Debut Chaos Jump Multiplayer VR Arcade Machine at IAAPA 2018

Next generation VR arcade machine attraction fuses advanced VR technology with compelling gameplay in a footprint half the size of competing systems while adding engaging signage, exciting competitive elements and real replay value.

Virtual reality (VR) is poised to be 2019’s breakout entertainment attraction with Minority Media’s launch of their next-generation VR arcade machine running the multiplayer VR Arcade game, Chaos Jump.

The arcade machine will also be a digital platform with planned updates to include variable time limits for games and additional future game titles. To that point, the company will treat IAAPA 2018 attendees to a sneak preview of its next, upcoming game, Reclaim!, set to launch in Q1 2019.

The machine has a footprint of 12’ by 12’ the industry’s smallest footprint for a four player VR arcade machine, and boasts games designed specifically geared to encourage replay and competition. Minority Media will debut the system November 12th at IAAPA 2018 in Orlando, Florida at Booth #E7521, where attendees will be able to experience the game and arcade for themselves.

According to Minority Media Founder Vander Caballero, Chaos Jump combines all the elements of cutting-edge game design into a turnkey, location-based VR game platform that can be cost-effectively installed anywhere, be easily owner-operated, be updated with a series of new game titles — and generate up to 12 times the revenue of more traditional location-based games, such as Laser Tag.

“Our background is in gaming, and as such our goal is to create VR games that people want to play over and over, not just try one time as a novelty,” Caballero said. “With good game design as the starting point, we created the entire experience to encourage repeat plays and maximize revenue for venue owners. Virtual reality wields an awesome power to transport players far from their physical space and into unrestrained worlds of literally limitless potential, but the titles currently available in multiplayer VR systems fail to offer replayability or exciting competitive aspects. Chaos Jump delivers the ultimate replayable VR game platform experience with 495 possible gameplay variations, selectable avatars and both short and long-term score leaderboards to encourage gamesmanship and friendly challenges.”

“The game is fun, and the randomized, multiple levels generate interest for repeat play. It is an easy sell to customers, and has more content than similar systems, so people still see new stuff after many games have been played. My staff is raving about it and promote it freely,” said Normand Huppe, Owner/Operator at BoulZeye FEC.

Chaos Jump is a VR adventure! A party of up to 4 adventurers battle a robot army determined to stop them as they travel across space and time to retrieve gold, treasure, and artifacts from 18 exotic worlds. Players are equipped with cool laser blasters to fight off the robot attackers, and vacuum guns to collect the gold and artifacts, with everything scored and displayed in real-time. Players can choose avatars for the virtual world and a randomizer selects from among 18 worlds for them to play in. A winner is announced after each 6.5-minute game and scores are highlighted on the exterior displays. Leaderboards are essential for groups renting the game system for private events.

“This arcade machine is built specifically to deliver high value and profit to the Out of Home entertainment market,” Caballero continued. “Every detail maximizes the potential, from the minimal footprint to multiple game titles, offering years of fresh content. The whole game system encourages people to not only play, but to watch others play and join in the excitement of a friendly virtual competition. The introduction of Chaos Jump has the potential to create an entirely new revenue stream for any and every type of enterprise that is in the business of delivering a cutting-edge entertainment experience for consumers — including arcades, malls, amusement parks, theme parks, go kart tracks, trampoline parks, resorts, cruise ships and transportation terminals.”

The arcade machine measures just 12’ by 12’, requiring minimal floor space and infrastructure, with a 14’ by 14’ model also available. The entire rig is powered by a single plug requiring a 20-amp circuit, plus an Ethernet cable for ultra-reliable connection. At a height of just 10 feet, it is ideal for nearly any location, while the attractive design, lighting and digital displays provide far-reaching visuals to attract players.

“Our small, highly-profitable game system allows venue owners to monetize empty space,” Caballero noted. “As a revenue generating attraction, it’s hard to beat a self-contained system that requires almost zero maintenance and can engage multiple users at a time. We are excited to show off the potential of Chaos Jump and hope every IAAPA attendee stops by to see the future of multiplayer virtual reality.”

To schedule a Chaos Jump demo at IAAPA 2018, please email Bob Griffin at bob@griffin360.com.