Micro LED Signage from LG Sets New Standard for Commercial Display Technology

LG Business Solutions USA is launching a new Micro LED signage solution, LG MAGNIT, designed to deliver groundbreaking picture quality and durability (thanks to LG’s new “Black Coating” display technology) as well as streamlined installation with its clever block-assembly design.

An evolutionary step forward in display technology, Micro LED features self-emissive micrometer-scale pixels applied directly to the substrate board, to deliver sharp images with improved contrast and a wide viewing angle. LG Black Coating technology applied to the front of the displays is designed to improve contrast and color accuracy while helping to protect the tiny LED pixels from moisture, dust and external impact. LG Black Coating also minimizes distracting reflections and makes it easier to remove unsightly smudges.

With its combination of picture quality, expandability and convenient setup, LG MAGNIT Micro LED (model LSAB) is an ideal signage solution for convention centers, corporate and hotel lobbies, luxury boutiques, broadcast studios, control rooms, exhibition halls and museums. The versatile LG MAGNIT also is an attractive home cinema solution for luxury consumers seeking a premium, large-scale display with 163 inches of 4K resolution for enjoying movies, series and sports.

Featuring LG’s webOS smart signage platform for navigation and control of functions, features and presets, LG MAGNIT’s superb picture quality is boosted by an AI-powered α (Alpha) image processor found in state-of-the-art LG TVs.  It intelligently analyzes content and source and automatically optimizes visual output in real-time.

In addition to spectacular images, LG MAGNIT offers the benefit of hassle-free installation and configuration. Each Micro LED cabinet measures only 23.6 inches wide by 13.3 inches high by 1.8 inches deep and links simply to other cabinets, allowing technicians to quickly erect large-scale displays on site.

The ability to smoothly send and receive signals wirelessly is due to LG’s non-contact connector technology. LG’s block-assembly design allows power to be sent to each cabinet via pin connectors located on the edges of the LED cabinet hub. And LG MAGNIT cuts the time needed for cable management, with only a few wires on the back of the displays to link the cabinets to system controllers and power supplies.

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