Luxury Condo Resort Expands Multi-Building Security with Linear Access Control

The Sanctuary at False Cape is a leading luxury condo community in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where permanent residents and vacation rental guests enjoy amazing beaches, state-of-the-art amenities and invigorating local experiences.

In order to ensure all residents and guests can access the available amenities and buildings safely and easily without incurring frustration or obstacles, The Sanctuary recently tasked security and communication integrator Lee Telecom, Inc. (LTI) with upgrading its existing Linear building entry and ID card system to accommodate dozens more entry points and enable a single guest ID card to work across the entire property.

“The goal of this project was to make the complex future-ready while simplifying management of access control throughout its multiple buildings,” said Leon Nelms at Lee Telecom, Inc. (LTI) located in Hampton. Virginia. “They were very happy with their existing Linear access system, which is expandable. It’s the perfect system to rely on because we know it can easily accommodate future growth.”

The upgraded system features two new Linear EN-2M4 Telephone Entry Access Control panels with RFID card readers, increasing the entry point capacity to 36 and enabling further access point expansion through Linear browser-based access software. The Sanctuary at False Cape currently uses 29 Linear EN-EXN access nodes to control access at 29 doors, and plans to integrate up to 55 total entry points.

 Lee Telecom, Inc. (LTI) also laid a new fiber optic backbone to create a new server-client based system that connects the access systems for both buildings and eliminates the need to issue different multiple ID cards for each guest.

 “By expanding our Linear access control system, we’ve ensured that our guests continue to have simple, reliable access to every amenity as we grow and integrate new access points,” said Rebecca Beamon, Association Manager at The Sanctuary at False Cape.  “As a beach resort destination, we want our guests to feel safe and carefree, and this upgraded system delivers that feeling with secure, reliable multi-building access that eliminates the need for guests to carry multiple access cards.”

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