LPL Financial Brings Wall Street Excitement To Its South Carolina Trading Floor With Help From NanoLumens!

Four 360-degree NanoLumens Nixel Series™ displays create an engaging experience for employees and visitors alike.

In the highly competitive world of financial services and trading, companies go to great lengths to keep their clients and employees excited about their work.  LPL Financial, a leader in the retail financial services market, recently teamed with Unified AV, one of the top audio visual installation firms in the southeast United States, to bring a high-tech Wall Street aesthetic to its Fort Mill, South Carolina trading floor. According to Rob Phillips, Sr. Infrastructure Project Manager at LPL Financial, the only solution vibrant and unique enough to achieve their goal was the NanoLumens’ Nixel Series of LED displays.

“When people think of the financial industry they automatically picture a Wall Street trading floor with monitors and televisions all over and ticker feeds constantly running the latest stock quotations,” Phillips said. “That high-energy environment is exactly what we wanted to recreate on our South Carolina trading floor, as it shows our clients we are always working hard for them and on top of all the news as it breaks. Unified AV and NanoLumens delivered a fantastic experience that brings a new level of excitement to our South Carolina campus. We had an opportunity to convert the four structural support columns on our second floor trading area into dazzling digital ticker tape displays that can be clearly seen from the first floor lobby.”

When clients and employees enter the building, they pass through the main lobby atrium and can see up to the second floor. That’s where live trading happens, and it was the perfect spot to both provide employees with live stock information and show off to visitors with an eye-catching digital installation. The former support columns are now a main attraction, each being topped with a NanoLumens flexible LED display that wraps all the way around, providing an unobstructed view of the latest stock ticker information.

“This gives the building a ‘wow’ factor that’s obvious as soon as you step through the front doors,” said Marisa Wooten of Unified AV. “So it’s great for morale and aesthetics, while remaining easy to use. All four displays are controlled and receive video from a single Microsoft Surface tablet, so it really couldn’t be any simpler. Currently all four displays broadcast the same live ticker feed, with the timing offset for each one, so viewers can look around and quickly see a large amount of information simultaneously. This really is an incredible way to bring the excitement of a trading room floor to any location, whether it’s on Wall Street or thousands of miles away.”

Each NanoLumens display features a 9mm pixel pitch design, measures one foot tall by 14 feet wide, and provides a 360-degree viewing area. They are mounted at the very top of the columns to maximize visibility. Two deciding factors in choosing NanoLumens were the industry-leading six-year warranty and the front-serviceability of the displays.

“Appearances matter, and this new super high-tech aesthetic represents LPL Financial’s commitment to using the latest technologies and best practices in the financial industry,” Phillips continued. “We work hard every day to give our clients confidence in our professional abilities, and increasingly digital display technology can help deliver that message.”