LG Technologies Driving New Approaches to Learning, Increasing Student Engagement Showcased at EDUCAUSE

LG Business Solutions USA is reinforcing its dedication to integration of digital technologies in higher education institutions by bringing its commercial digital displays to the leading higher education IT conference, EDUCAUSE 2021, Oct. 26-29 in Philadelphia.

Highlighting both its products and its design services in booth 1436, LG will demonstrate how touch screens, DVLED displays, video walls, interactive whiteboards, gaming monitors, cloud endpoints, and LG gram laptops are helping educators and campus planners meet modern needs and develop engaging education environments.

According to Victoria Sanville, education account lead at LG Business Solutions USA, the college and university experience is undergoing a transformation based on new approaches to learning that leverage innovative technologies to deliver greater student engagement and relevance to real-world career needs.

“Students today live in a world dominated by digital screens, and their careers are likely to involve them as well,” Sanville said. “As such, LG is excited to bring advanced display technologies and education solutions directly to decision makers at EDUCAUSE 2021 to show how our technologies are being integrated everywhere from computer labs to football stadiums to enhance capabilities and provide modern learning environments.”

Sanville noted that institutions are increasingly looking to repurpose underutilized spaces, and LG’s design services have been vital to helping universities create computer and gaming labs for STEM pursuits including coding, telehealth and more. She also stressed that as institutions invest in digital signage for various purposes, many are seeking to work with single suppliers that can provide a wide range of signage products with the convenience of common interfaces, one point of contact for any service or technical issues, and a consistent brand standard.

In its EDUCAUSE booth, LG will demonstrate a number of advanced education technologies including its TR3DJ Interactive Whiteboard, LG gram laptops and Mobile Thin Clients, UltraGear gaming monitors and LCD screens. Information and videos will be available showing the benefits of other technologies such as the 136-inch All-in-one Full HD DVLED Display that can be permanently mounted in classrooms, lobbies and conference rooms or used on a cart to offer multi-room flexibility.

“In addition to our signage portfolio, the LG gram Mobile Thin Client fits perfectly into today’s blended teaching environment, offering educators and IT managers a powerful, ultra-lightweight laptop for use with either on-site or remotely hosted servers,” Sanville said. “Networks utilizing mobile thin clients allow educators’ data to follow them wherever they go, increasing flexibility and streamlining operations across the entire staff.”

Conference attendees will have the opportunity to learn about LG’s newly launched design services as well as the network management benefits offered by LG displays, the company’s popular webOS software platform and compatibility with leading automation systems.

“Digital displays play a vital role in on-campus recruitment, student life, in-class instruction and community messaging, and can even help turn small, previously unusable rooms into labs or collaboration spaces,” Sanville added. “LG’s portfolio of world-class displays and software gives campus IT managers and tech buyers everything they need to create an effective, cohesive campus-wide display network or outfit individual spaces with purpose-built technologies.”

Attendees can also learn about the LG Honors program, an exclusive pilot program, which may provide free extended warranties, special pricing and enhanced customer service for certain qualifying education-related products. For more information about the LG Honors Program, contact Victoria Sanville at victoria.sanville@lge.com.

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