LG LED Signage Displays Receive 2020 International Design Excellence Award

Recognizing that displays are now an essential part of the commercial interior design process, the American Association of Industrial Designers has honored two advanced LED Signage displays from LG Business Solutions USA with 2020 International Design Excellence Awards. LG is the only commercial display winner across all categories this year.

“This prestigious recognition is a testament to the increasingly important role display technology is playing in modern office environments,” said Dan Smith, vice president, business development, LG Business Solutions USA. “Displays are integral to turning spaces into experiences that leave a lasting impression on everyone who comes into contact with them. When designing the LSAA (LG LED Bloc) and LSAB (LG MAGNIT) Series, we set out to build solutions that are visually spectacular, and also easy to customize and install.”

Featuring cable-less power docking, LG’s LSAA and LSAB LED Signage models can be stacked and arranged in limitless configurations – with planes for virtually any size of videowall with no bezels. That’s because of their wireless transmission technology that enables cabinets to link together magnetically, thereby eliminating the need for cable connections between LED cabinets. These displays are easily “stackable,” creating ample opportunity to customize videowalls.

Highlighting Micro LED model LASB’s combination of picture quality, expandability and convenient setup, Smith called LG MAGNIT an ideal signage solution for convention centers, corporate and hotel lobbies, luxury boutiques, broadcast studios, control rooms, exhibition halls and museums.

The International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), considered among the world’s top three design award programs, are organized by the American Association of Industrial Designers. This year, more than 1,800 products were nominated. For many designers, IDEA sets the benchmark for examples of exceptional design and is frequently used as a reference when developing new products. 

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