LG Launches ‘DigiTour’ Immersive 3D Showroom

Strengthening its position as an industry innovator, LG Business Solutions USA unveiled the LG DigiTour, a unique 3D showroom and immersive platform that allows visitors to remotely interact with the latest commercial display technologies from LG.


“The cancellation of in-person events this year challenged us to find new innovative ways to connect with our customers. We used this opportunity to reimagine the future and build an interactive virtual event platform with a high-level of photo-realism that immerses users in the environment,” said Damaris Toma, Experiential Marketing Lead at LG Business Solutions USA. “With the LG DigiTour, users can travel through virtual showrooms and discover the latest display technologies for businesses of all sizes, types and budgets.”

Powered by the Unreal Engine platform – an advanced real-time 3D creation tool – the LG DigiTour encourages visitors to “walk” through various commercial spaces and experience LG Business Solutions products in their contextually relevant environments. The platform includes four distinct spaces: “Corporate,” “Education,” “Control Room,” and “Innovation,” with more to come in the future. Virtual guests can move throughout the rooms and interact with products, instantly pulling up features, specs and more.

The platform also hosts live chats – meaning that visitors can inquire about any products of interest and speak with an LG representative in real time to address questions. In addition to the interactive online showroom, LG is using On24 to host virtual webinars and events where industry leaders can interact and communicate during the pandemic and beyond.  

“Rather than try to replicate what’s been done to date elsewhere, we’ve created environments that take advantage of the power of virtual technology and paired it with the invaluable injection of real people that industry thrives on,” Toma added. “We will use the platform to host tech tours, live chats, and educational seminars, bringing a new level of interaction to our customers.”

The robust platform includes always-on access, desktop, mobile and tablet compatibility, self-directed exploration, 360-degree spaces, and interactivity, with soon-to-launch webinars, live chats and video chats, plus vast growth potential.

According to Toma, the platform may have been prompted by the pandemic, but it likely will be a permanent staple in how LG interacts with customers. “We’ve built a means to reach audiences remotely – even audiences that may not have been at a physical tradeshow,” she said. “It’s a future-proof way to ensure that we can serve our customers remotely, now and in the years to come.”  

To experience the platform, click here. For images, click here. An immersive video walkthrough of the platform can also be found here.