LG Expands All-In-One LED Display Category

On the heels of its popular 130-inch All-in-One LED display, LG Business Solutions USA has expanded the category with a brand new 136-inch model that is even easier to install and portable when integrated with an optional mobile stand.

“Direct-view LED display technology has improved significantly over the past several years to the point where they can now be used cost effectively in enterprise settings as a bright, immersive alternative to other display technologies like projectors or flat-panel video walls,” said Dan Smith, vice president, business development, LG Business Solutions USA. “Because LG’s 136-inch All-in-One LED display is so easy to setup and maintain, we expect it to be used in a variety of applications, from corporations to education institutions.”

The LG LED All-in-One 136-inch display (model LAEB015) comes ready to assemble in a professional, wheeled flight case so it’s easy to deliver and install in a conference room, lobby, classroom or other location. The display itself comprises just two mounting cabinets with an embedded controller, to which, once secured together, the installer attaches 72 individual LED modules. All that’s left is to plug in the assembled display’s power cable and begin using. No additional controller connections or module configuration is required. If the display needs servicing, modules are easily detachable from the front of the display using a provided mounting tool.

“The fact that the modules are attached to just two cabinet mounts helps minimize variation within the display,” Smith said. “What the user sees is a large, bezel-free, uniform display for presenting, collaborating, communicating information and much more.” 

The LG LED All-in-One 136-inch display comes ready to wall mount in landscape mode, which provides a slim form factor and is ADA compliant. It can also be attached to an optional mobile stand on wheels, so users can place and re-place their LED display wherever they need it. The optional mobile stand offers motorized height adjustment so it can be adjusted for an optimal viewing experience whether viewers are standing or sitting.

The LG LED display features 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, a 1.56mm pixel pitch, and a 3,000:1 contrast ratio, making it possible to view detailed information at various distances. It operates at 800 nits of brightness so it can be used in spaces with ambient light and is viewable up to 160 degrees off-axis horizontally and vertically, making it ideal for communicating with viewers spaced throughout a room. 

The LG LED All-in-One 136-inch display comes with three HDMI inputs, audio out and a variety of input ports available on the side of the display.  

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