LG Electronics, Bang & Olufsen Launch Exquisite Micro LED Home Cinema System

Following a preview of their technology collaboration earlier this year, Bang & Olufsen and LG Electronics have announced the availability of a new ultra-premium bundle that combines the groundbreaking 136-inch LG MAGNIT Micro LED display and Bang & Olufsen Beolab 90 home cinema speakers. 

This combination of industry-leading technologies delivers an incredible audio-visual experience, with exquisite picture quality and immersive, powerful audio working in tandem to redefine what’s possible in a luxury home cinema. 

This extraordinary home cinematic experience is being launched in the United States this month at Bang & Olufsen’s Costa Mesa, Calif., showroom.  The bundle (model LSAD-U136RBO90) also will be available through selected specially certified LG MAGNIT integrators catering to the luxury residential market across the country. Together, the 11-foot diagonal LG display and pair of four-foot-tall B&O floor-standing speakers are available at a suggested price of $381,392.

“Bang & Olufsen’s rich heritage, spanning 97 years of design and audio excellence, make them an ideal partner for LG MAGNIT,” said Michael Kosla, Senior Vice President at LG Electronics USA. “When adding the flagship Beolab 90 speakers to the breathtaking color, clarity and contrast of LG MAGNIT, the result is a truly immersive home cinema experience with seamless, large-scale images and dynamic, nuanced sound. LG MAGNIT was designed with numerous high-end features, now complemented by the addition of B&O speakers to deliver an even more premium offering that needs to be seen and heard to be believed.” 

With a sleek, modern design and vivid, ultra-sharp Micro LED picture quality, LG MAGNIT is the first Micro LED from LG, setting the gold standard for display technology and delivering the ultimate viewing experience. LG MAGNIT is visibly and fundamentally different from LED TV displays, which are simply LCD TVs with LED backlighting to boost brightness. With Micro LED, images are generated directly by millions of individual diodes that can turn off completely when presenting the color black. This enables the displays to deliver stunning contrast and color.

The 136-inch 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) display, featuring a 120Hz-refresh-rate, includes LG’s α (Alpha) 9 AI Processor that uses deep learning technology to reduce picture noise and optimize saturation and contrast based on room conditions. It also is designed to enhance the clarity and legibility of faces and text, while an ambient light sensor adjusts brightness and tone mapping for optimal performance in varying lighting conditions.

As the flagship home cinema speakers from Bang & Olufsen, Beolab 90 has become an iconic design for the brand, showcasing the very best of audio performance and capabilities. The 8,200-watt speakers feature a curved wooden base, a series of angular facets covered in sleek fabric, and finishing touches of brushed aluminum. Delivering truly powerful sound for even the most discerning listeners, Beolab 90 sits within the same category of Bang & Olufsen speakers that includes Beolab 50 and Beolab 28, all of which are compatible with LG MAGNIT 136- and 118-inch displays.

“We commend our friends at LG on the creation of the LG MAGNIT and find it to be the perfect match for the unique and powerful cinematic experience produced by Beolab 90,” said Bang & Olufsen’s Vice President of Product Marketing Michael Henriksson. “Our brand has been beloved by movie and music lovers for nearly a century, and we align closely with LG’s values for achieving aesthetic and performance excellence in our chosen category. We immediately understood LG’s vision for elevating the home cinema experience and now customers will soon hear why Beolab 90 is the perfect audio pairing to complement the incredible picture quality achieved through LG MAGNIT.” 

To enhance usability, LG and Bang & Olufsen conducted several rounds of testing to ensure seamless compatibility between the LG webOS platform on LG MAGNIT, and Bang & Olufsen’s software application. Thanks to these efforts, users can now enjoy the convenience of being able to control both LG MAGNIT and Beolab 90 via Bang & Olufsen’s remote controller.