LG Debuts Transparent OLED Video Walls Using New LG Connecting Brackets

Responding to customer demand for a way to create video walls with the groundbreaking transparent LG OLED commercial displays, LG Business Solutions USA has introduced new bracket accessories that enable customers to combine transparent OLED displays into video walls in sizes that meet unique installation requirements.

According to Clark Brown, LG Business Solutions USA vice president of digital signage, the ability to build transparent OLED video walls opens new possibilities for integrators and business owners looking to create stunning commercial installations using the latest LG OLED display technology. 

“LG’s transparent OLED video wall technology enables boundless creativity for businesses and designers looking to create engaging installations,” Brown said. “Our customers demand innovative solutions that help connect their audiences with brands, products, experiences, and exhibits, and few technologies are as exciting as a video wall that can overlay information or hide and reveal real physical objects.”

With its 55-inch transparent OLED display, LG has given integrators and end-users limitless possibilities to create brand new experiences for unique projects, from museums to entertainment to retail applications. Thanks to the display’s higher transparency, LG Transparent OLED displays blend into their surroundings naturally and virtually seamlessly. The display’s see-through view enables designers to use displays as virtual walls that showcase digital content without blocking sightlines into the rest of the space.

The new mounting brackets are a feat of LG’s leading engineering and design expertise that enables the frameless transparent OLED displays to be mounted in video wall configurations without showing any visible components behind the displays. Each bracket (sold separately) connects two LG 55-inch transparent OLED displays. The displays can be configured horizontally or vertically into any 2xN size video wall, offering virtually limitless opportunities for unique applications in museums and retail environments, for example.

LG OLED technology is a high-end category of displays that delivers an awe-inspiring picture with incredible color, even from wide viewing angles. OLED uses self-lighting pixels that can be turned on and off individually for exact control of image brightness and quality, delivering infinite contrast ratios optimized for high-dynamic-range content.

LG Business Solutions offers customers a complete range of display options, with LG OLED screens for various flat and curved configurations, a full line of Direct View LED solutions for outdoor and indoor applications, including fine pixel pitch products, and the first-ever stand-alone 130-inch all in one DVLED solution. LG’s line-up also includes unique LG Ultra Stretch displays, desktop monitors featuring LG’s 21:9 IPS displays, advanced video wall displays and a broad portfolio of broadest 4K UHD displays featuring models ranging from 49- to 98-inches.

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