LG Business Solutions Higher Ed White Paper Highlights New Digital Signage Applications


Spotlighting the expanding use of digital signage in almost all areas of education, LG Business Solutions USA has released a white paper that provides insight on the cutting-edge ways in which large and small higher education institutions are using digital signage in their classrooms, lobbies and beyond. Entitled “Higher Education Adopts New Display Technology to Enrich Learning,” the ebook is available now for download.

 “Widespread use of digital signage throughout higher education is a logical extension of the screen-based ways today’s students learn. More and more, higher education institutions are adopting audiovisual solutions both to compete for prospective attendees and improve their overall offerings,” said David Bacher, head of marketing for LG Business Solutions USA. “As administrators, faculty and students return to campuses across America, this white paper can serve as a resource that shows what’s possible with the latest advances in digital signage technologies.”

In addition to profiling large-scale digital signage implementations at Georgetown University and Caldwell University, the new digital resource delves into timely topics such as collaboration technology in the classroom, large-format videowalls in lobbies and the proliferation of on-campus eSports arenas.

 “Display technology continues to evolve so colleges and universities will find new applications and ways to enhance life on campus,” Bacher said. “Higher education institutions now have to reflect the digital world from where their students come. They’re doing so by investing in experiences that meet expectations and create a higher level of engagement across campus.”

 To download the whitepaper, click here