LED Display Customers Better Understand and Appreciate the Total Cost of Ownership, New Survey Shows

The future of LED displays has never been brighter as AV integrators, designers and end-user customers come to understand how to better assess the total cost of ownership (TCO) of LED and LCD solutions, according to the results of a recently completed online industry survey of 454 participants conducted by NanoLumens, award-winning creators of LED visualization solutions. 

According to NanoLumens Vice President of Global Marketing and Business Development Joe’ Lloyd, AV integrators accounted for 50% of the survey participants, with architects, designers, and end-users comprising the other 50% of the respondents. The 24-question survey, conducted between November 2018 and February 2019, aimed to reveal how perceptions about LED and LCD display technologies compared among industry professionals, what their experiences with each technology were, and what they thought the future might hold for each display format.

“The results of this survey indicate that display industry experts assign primary value to longevity, durability, adaptability, and performance,” Lloyd said. “But their customers still primarily value the opposite – price over performance – which is understandable given the fact that LCD displays are still the more common solution in the marketplace.”

According to Lloyd, once respondents moved beyond the consideration of initial purchase cost to the more complex issues that determine the total cost of ownership over the life of the display, a more nuanced picture emerged from the survey.