Leading U.K. Infrastructure Consultants Connect 15 Offices With ClearOne® Video And Audio Conferencing Solutions

Peter Brett Associates uses ClearOne’s patented Beamforming Microphone Array and cutting-edge video conferencing platform to make interoffice collaboration simple and effective, improving efficiency and reducing travel costs.

Simple and fast employee collaboration is crucial to the success of any company performing work across multiple office locations, which is why one of the U.K.’s leading infrastructure consulting firms, Peter Brett Associates (PBA), recently upgraded their tele-conferencing capabilities with technologies from ClearOne (NASDAQ: CLRO), the leading global provider of audio and visual communication solutions. With ClearOne equipment now installed at 15 PBA offices throughout the U.K., plus one affiliated company in Prague, interoffice communication is easier and clearer than ever before, according to Stephen Smith, PBA’s IT Support Manager.

“We really liked the ease of use of ClearOne’s solutions,” Smith explained. “We held a series of trial video conferencing calls with remotely located offices and invited PBA’s partners to attend. The partners were extremely impressed with the enhanced levels of audio and video images ClearOne delivered.”

Working with local Reading-based integrator 21st Century AV, PBA set out to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its multi-office collaborations, both internally and externally. After experiencing a demonstration of ClearOne’s patented technologies and leading Spontania® video conferencing platform that allows people to attend meetings on any internet-connected device, the decision to move forward was as clear as the video feeds from the ClearOne cameras.

“The ClearOne solution now brings exceptional levels of audio and video images to our remote meetings and has vastly improved the experience for video conference participants,” said Smith. ”Because our boardroom is often used by third parties, it was also vital that the ClearOne solution be completely hidden. 21st Century AV used its expertise to achieve this, and to carry out a smooth and trouble-free installation.”

ClearOne’s Beamforming Microphone Array provides the headquarters with unrivaled audio quality covering the entire boardroom while minimizing aesthetic intrusion, as required. The microphone array is one of the most sophisticated audio devices available today, featuring next-gen Acoustic Echo Cancellation technology and comprising of 24 microphones with adaptive steering that directs the mics toward core sound sources and away from extraneous noise.

With the installation of a ClearOne Beamforming Microphone Array and UNITE PTZ camera in the boardroom at the company’s headquarters, UNITE PTZ cameras and ClearOne CHAT 150 speakerphones in 10 satellite offices, and Chat 150 speakerphones in four additional offices plus the affiliated company in Prague, collaboration between 15 sites and up to hundreds of employees is possible, and is easy enough to use instantly.

“This was particularly important for our employees joining meetings remotely,” Smith added. “All they have to do is ensure that the UNITE PTZ camera is connected to their display, which could be their laptop, and that the CHAT 150 speakerphone is plugged in — and they are up and running.”

Besides improving visual and sound quality across so many locations, a secondary benefit of the ClearOne upgrade is less need for travel among employees and clients. This adds even more efficiency to the equation, with less time wasted driving and virtually no time required for setup or troubleshooting. With 15 connected locations that is a feat of epic proportions all on its own.

“We are also benefiting from cost savings from reduced travel as well as eliminating the costly and unproductive ‘dead time’ employees and partners spent travelling to and from meetings,” Smith continued. “Crucially, our clients no longer need to travel to our offices to meet with us, so they are reaping the same benefits.”

Video conferencing is an integral part of PBA’s daily operation and is used for a wide range of meetings including internal meetings between remote offices, meetings with remotely located clients, team meetings and monthly senior executive meetings. According to Andrew Loadman, ClearOne ‎Sales Director for EMEA & Oceania, this installation shows how European companies can gain vast efficiencies and cost benefits from cutting-edge teleconferencing solutions.

“PBA wanted a teleconference solution that would work every time, be easy to use, provide the absolute best quality so not a single word is missed, and that could connect as many locations as they needed,” Loadman concluded. “ClearOne’s technologies check every item on that list, and 21st Century AV completed an excellent installation throughout PBA’s multitude of offices. Interoffice collaboration has never been simpler or faster, and that’s something many companies need in today’s interconnected business environment.”