Las Vegas Retailer Vegas EXP Shines Brighter Than Ever With Massive Outdoor NanoLumens® Nixel Series™ Display

 40-year-old M&K Enterprises, LLC, parent company of Vegas EXP, looks to the future and invests in visual and interactive technologies to increase foot traffic, encourage purchases and create an emotional connection to its customers.

How does a small retailer make an impact on the Las Vegas Strip, one of the world’s busiest and most competitive retail environments? For 40-year-old hallmark company M&K Enterprises, LLC, parent company of Vegas EXP, a successful purveyor of Las Vegas-themed merchandise and trendy wares, the answer was to work with NanoLumens, award-winning creators of uniquely compelling interactive LED visualization solutions, to install a huge, ultra-bright outdoor digital display above their front door. According to Jennifer Turner, President & CEO of M&K Enterprises, LLC, the NanoLumens display is the answer they were hoping for, and part of a larger push to modernize the shopping experience.

“Technology is huge for us,” Turner said, “and in an environment where 100,000 potential customers see our storefront every day, it’s more important than ever to make an immediate visual impact. What could be better to grab people’s attention than an always-on, super bright, 17-foot wide LED display that we can update with new content at a moment’s notice?”

Clearly, Turner is excited to be an early-adopter of new retail technologies and sees it as a way to differentiate, stay ahead of the curve and deliver a unique shopping experience. The NanoLumens display is a big part of that, but the experience doesn’t stop once people step through the doors. In addition to the cool-factor of the brilliant 8mm pixel pitch, 17’ by 6’ NanoLumens display, the store’s interior features 32 displays, some with touch screens, through which customers can see sales, new products, online promotions and sign up on their mobile devices to receive discounts or free items while in the store. Customers can even control the store’s music through the Rockbot app.

“We’re now working on a game-type system for touchscreen displays in the store, where visitors can spin a wheel or play a game to win a prize or earn a discount,” Turner added. “We know the retail environment is rapidly changing, and we refuse to be left behind. We want people to be wowed by our presentation and shopping experience in a way they haven’t seen before, so they remember us as part of their visit. The NanoLumens display is how we show that mantra to people before they step inside, and its power to intrigue passersby and encourage interaction through social media was evident immediately.”

Leaving nothing to chance, Turner did her due diligence in researching and comparing the available options for a vibrant, reliable outdoor display. The requirements were straight-forward: the sign will run 24 hours a day, everyday, it needs to be able to outshine the intense Nevada sunlight, must be easy to use and update with new content, must be reliable and easy to fix or maintain, and above all has to stop people in their tracks. After researching and seeing many different types and brands of signs and displays, Turner was convinced NanoLumens offered the best all-around product and would deliver superior results.

The decision came down to several factors where NanoLumens can’t be beat. Among the cited reasons was the ability to pair their familiar BrightSign players seamlessly with the NanoLumens product, the incredible 7,000-nit brightness on a seamless display, simple repairability made possible by a front-serviceable design, and the manufacturer’s unmatched 6-year warranty that covers every single pixel.

“We did a lot of research,” Turner said. “For me, the biggest difference in the purchasing process was the customer experience working with NanoLumens. I visited NanoLumens’ Las Vegas showroom and was with their reps for hours to learn about the different display sizes and pixel pitches, brightness, and how repairs can be done quickly from the front by removing only the affected sections. The quality, user-friendliness and guaranteed reliability sealed the deal.”

Turner noted that the warranty was indeed a major selling point, as she and her colleagues had discussed how other stores often have signs with dead pixels, color lines and other display imperfections. Knowing that NanoLumens will repair the display at the first sign of trouble, even for a single dead pixel, set it apart from all the competition.

According to Dave Merlino, NanoLumens West Coast Vice President of Sales, this installation perfectly captures the essence of NanoLumens’ value position in the digital display industry. “A small store needs to make a very big impact in Las Vegas,” says Merlino, “and NanoLumens was able to deliver the impact in spades. Jennifer Turner is a retail visionary who understands the impact that a visualization solution can have on a customer-facing business, and we’re proud to have delivered a solution that lives up to her vision for customer interaction and show-stopping power.”

Proving the simple operation and capabilities of the display and content software, the store recently used it to promote a fundraiser for the victims and families affected by the Mandalay Bay shooting on September 25.