LÂG Guitars and HyVibe Introduce Line of Acoustic Smart Guitars at Winter NAMM 2019

Renowned French guitar builder integrates pioneering HyVibe vibration technology that turns each acoustic guitar into a speaker with onboard effects, looping and recording, no wires needed.

LÂG Guitars launched a music revolution today, introducing the Tramontane HyVibe series (THV), the world’s first line of Acoustic Smart Guitars with HyVibe technology, which turns each guitar into a mobile amplifier, connected speaker, effects processor, loop machine and recorder. The new series was officially unveiled at Winter NAMM 2019 at KMC Booth #6814.

The new THV series brings unprecedented creative opportunities to guitarists of all ages and skill levels, making it one of the biggest innovations in guitars in generations. Now for the first time, guitarists can practice, perform, record and even collaborate over distance with just their acoustic guitar and the HyVibe mobile app. The guitars can operate without any external equipment or wiring required, with the added benefits of live effects, looping and recording.

“After today, musicians all over the world will be able to record, perform and collaborate with nothing more than a LÂG HyVibe guitar and their smartphone – no wires or additional equipment required,” said KMC Vice President of Merchandising Roger Hart. “KMC Music strives to provide dealers and musicians with the latest and greatest musical instruments and products, and we’re proud to help LÂG launch the revolutionary new Tramontane HyVibe models.”

KMC Music is the exclusive United States distributor of LÂG Guitars and KMC Music parent JAM Industries is the exclusive distributor of the line in North America.

The HyVibe system uses pioneering vibration technology, which is specifically tuned to produce the best sound reproduction possible based on the specific characteristics of each guitar. LÂG’s new line provides acoustic guitar players with an onboard programmable EQ tuner, metronome, multi-effects processor, Bluetooth speaker capabilities and the ability to loop, record and share.

Using a piezo sensor under the guitar’s saddle, live sound is transformed into an electrical signal, which is then sent to the onboard ultra-low-latency processor. The powerful processor then applies HyVibe’s proprietary algorithms to adjust the sound, cancel out feedback, and send the signal to actuators located below the top of the guitar. These actuators turn the guitar body into a speaker, allowing it to create any sound, including music playback from external devices through Bluetooth or a 3.5mm input jack. And the benefits don’t end with playing or recording, thanks to the HyVibe mobile app.

Through the mobile app, musicians can apply and fine tune a variety of popular effects, save settings for future performances, activate the loop and record functions, and upload saved files from the guitar for instant sharing. The on-guitar control unit includes an expressivity fader and volume knob for live adjustments, plus an LED screen with navigation buttons to control all other features.

This technology blurs the line between acoustic guitars and electronic instruments while providing the simplest and most portable effects and recording technology ever. Players can record hours of their creations with 8GB of onboard flash storage.

The inaugural THV series offers three cutaway models that share the same shape and size, but use different woods and materials to achieve different sounds and aesthetics.

The LÂG THV10DCE packs a lot of warmth and deepness into a comfortable, easy to play guitar. This huge amount of warmth is thanks to its solid red Cedar top and Mahogany body. The typical Venetian cutaway opens up to its slim neck and Brownwood fretboard and offers a smooth playing experience. Specially designed bracing inside the guitar is able to pick up every little nuance and make them sound wonderful.

The LÂG THV20DCE gives guitarists an open road to explore all the possibilities the HyVibe system can offer. The guitar features a solid Engelmann Spruce top, well known in the guitar world for its combination of strength and elasticity that translates into a full and rich sonic range. The THV20DCE allows every kind of playing from aggressive strumming to delicate fingerpicking; its LÂG signature thin-profile neck makes the guitar even more versatile. All these specifications combined with the specially selected Ovangkol back and sides create a guitar that is visually appealing with a wide and precise projection.

The LÂG THV30DCE abounds with refined details and sonic optimizing features: every piece of wood is carefully selected for its tonal characteristics and aesthetic properties. The top is carved out of a specially selected bearclaw Spruce, which expands on the sonic print of Engelmann spruce thanks to its higher stiffness. Together with the breathtaking deep hued Bocote body, the THV30DCE is incredibly responsive, with full and rich midrange and impressive sustain. The cutaway, LÂG slim neck profile and Blackwood fingerboard ensure easy playability. 

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