Kyle Busch Motorsports Controls Dazzling New ‘Welcome Wall’ with ELAN

Since debuting in 2010, Kyle Busch Motorsports has quickly established itself as one of the most successful teams in all of NASCAR. When opening their new facility in Mooresville, North Carolina, they continued the momentum of ‘wowing’ their fans by incorporating a 14-foot “welcome wall” of nine 55” HD monitors in the shop’s lobby. To ensure that staffers could control the showcase piece instantly and without hassle, technology integration firm Interactive Interiors installed an ELAN control solution to act as the brain of the entire system.

“Ryan Kingsbury, Kyle Busch Motorsports’ Manager, reached out to us to design and install a system that would allow him to control and automate the facility’s new high-end videowall, as well as all of the traditional audio and video throughout the building,” Interactive Interiors President Brian Berg said. “ELAN is the perfect automation system for this job. Ryan can change the content on the display instantly, and set it to automatically turn on or off depending on the day and time.”

Interactive Interiors installed an ELAN gSC10 controller paired with a Yamaha RXA840 receiver to communicate with Christie’s Phoenix software for control of the display. Kingsbury and his staff use an Apple iPad Mini mounted on a centrally-located wall in the gift shop as the central means of control.

“Our goal is to have fans come into the Motorsports shop and be totally immersed in a gorgeous showcase display, which runs video of the team’s races on a loop,” Kingsbury explained. “The fact of the matter is that the success of this display largely depends on our ability to manage it. That’s why ELAN is so crucial. Turning it on or off, or changing the content, is as simple as tapping on a touch-screen. We can really use its full potential because of how easy it is to operate.”

The Interactive Interiors team also configured particular Event Maps through ELAN that automate the facility’s audio and video to automatically turn on and off during business hours. “ELAN makes the entire operation run smoothly,” Berg added. “Ryan and his staff do not need to think about managing the system on a daily basis. ELAN does it for them.”

According to Kingsbury, another benefit of integrating an ELAN system is the ability to easily expand the system. “Although we’re only controlling our audio and video right now, we know that ELAN always leaves room for more expansion in the future.”

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