Konftel Showcases Conferencing Prowess as Product Range Expands

Konftel continues to build on its renowned video and audio pedigree with the launch of a high performance conferencing package – ideally suited to today’s more flexible and challenging working world. The Konftel C20800 Hybrid is a versatile video collaboration solution, designed for small up to large meeting rooms. It features the Konftel Cam20 4K conference camera, the scalable Konftel 800 conference phone with OmniSound and Konftel’s One Cable Connection Hub. 

A single USB cable is all users need to connect the powerful wide angle camera, award-winning audio and room’s screen to the collaboration app of their choice. 

Pioneering performance

Konftel is a pioneering conferencing and collaboration specialist; the very first to manufacture and sell a commercial conference phone more than 30 years ago. Its latest innovation is based on versatility and an exceptional audio and visual experience – in an evolving working world where maintaining safe distances will be vital when people return to offices in larger numbers.

“The Konftel Cam20 is optimized for situations where the conference camera needs to be positioned close to the table,” Product Manager Torbjörn Karlsson, notes. “The 123° field of view means that all the participants can sit in a comfortable position, even spaced apart and still fit into the video image. At the same time, the camera creates a distinctive sharp image with no distortion. But also the Konftel Cam20 is equally at home in medium-sized and even large rooms thanks to its 4K capabilities.”

The Konftel Cam20 USB camera features Wide Dynamic Range technology that automatically adjusts to achieve an optimum picture in different light conditions, even low light, direct sunlight and high contrast.


The Cam20 is complemented by the award-winning Konftel 800 conference phone that delivers powerful and clear sound, to match the high picture quality. It benefits from Konftel’s refined audio platform OmniSound with beamforming microphones.

Karlsson adds: “With the Konftel Smart Microphone, users can expand the pick-up range to handle larger conferences with many people in the room. Connect one or two expansion microphones, depending on the size of the room. The Konftel Smart Microphone has built-in cancellation of echo and background noise through OmniSound.

“The cascading feature extends both the sound distribution and pick-up range for maximum coverage, ensuring a rich and full audio even in large rooms. In addition up to three Konftel 800 devices can be daisy-chained by cable to maximise social distancing and enhance the overall audio experience.”

High standards

The Konftel 800 offers connectivity for USB, Bluetooth and SIP, enabling use of all today’s communication and collaboration tools, whether in the cloud, on premise or in hybrid environments. The conference phone also meets the high standards Konftel demands from all its products in terms of design and usability – winning a coveted Red Dot design award alongside a Product Leadership Award from leading analysts Frost & Sullivan.

‘Bring Your Own Meeting’ is another impressive element as Karlsson highlighted: “Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet or any other cloud service…. whatever the user prefers, the flexible Konftel C20800 Hybrid video kit will take care of the meeting room experience. Bring the meeting with them on any laptop with a USB port, plug it in and they’re good to go!”

He concluded: “The Konftel C20800 Hybrid is equipped to address the needs of the workplace both now and in the future. In addition, Konftel is certified in line with the Climate Neutral standard. This means we have offset all our greenhouse gas emissions and are taking action to further reduce those emissions. When choosing a Konftel product, users keep a clear climate conscience while supporting their organization’s growing need for video collaboration.” 

The Konftel C20800 Hybrid has a list price of $1,499.

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