KMC To Debut All New Line Of Dream Eclipse Half-Lathed Cymbals At Winter NAMM 2020

Capitalizing on the success of Dream’s half-lathed 21” Dark Matter Eclipse Ride, KMC Music will introduce a new line of Dream Eclipse half-lathed cymbals next week at Winter NAMM 2020 in booth #6813.

According to KMC Merchandising Product Manager Brian Blood, the launch of Dream’s first full line of Eclipse half-lathed cymbals offers drummers and percussionists two unique and versatile sounds from each cymbal, expanding the range of tones and sounds of any drum set.

“Dream caught fire with its half-lathed ride cymbal, and the full line of handmade Eclipse cymbals allows drummers to bring dual-tone sonic versatility to their entire cymbal set,” Blood said today. “KMC Music and our 6,000 resellers are thrilled to offer these innovative new cymbals to percussionists everywhere.”

The new Eclipse 15 Hi-Hat, Eclipse 17 Crash, Eclipse 19 Crash, Eclipse 21 Ride and Eclipse 23 Ride will be on display at the Dream booth (#7239) and become available to KMC resellers later in January.

Dream Eclipse cymbals are completely handmade, created by firing the cymbals in an oven and hand hammering before immersion in a saltwater bath. After the metal is soaked, it returns to the oven and is re-fired before being treated with a Bliss-style lathe on the outer edges. This process gives the cymbal two unique and versatile sound worlds – articulate and clear when played on or around the raw un-lathed bell and center, with the outer edges adding a beautiful wash and a world of complex overtones.

The new Eclipse 15 Hi-Hat is bright enough to cut through any musical setting, with clean bark and shimmering slosh from the outer lathed area. The Eclipse 17 Crash delivers a warm, full crash with a large, bright bell, and will be at the top of any mix. The Eclipse 19 Crash is a wide- open crash when struck on the shoulder, while remaining responsive and articulate in the rideable center. Lastly, the Eclipse 23 Ride provides a loud and direct bell with perfect articulation from the non-lathed center, and a dense wash from the shoulder.

“If a drum set is a canvas, using the new Eclipse cymbals is like adding brand new colors to a palette,” Blood emphasized. “Whether used in a rock band or school ensemble, the precise, diverse sounds of the Eclipse series are sure to drive high demand and add excitement to any player’s toolkit.”