Kingdom of Bahrain’s Leading Telco Increases Efficiency & Productivity with ClearOne® COLLABORATE® Videoconferencing

As the leading integrated telecommunications provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Batelco works with advanced technologies on a daily basis as it serves customers across Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Egypt.  As advanced as the company is, however, Batelco has historically lacked a reliable, simple, and high-quality means of videoconferencing with their vendors and employees from their corporate boardroom. To solve this problem once and for all, Batelco’s preferred technology integration firm Yusif bin Yusif Fakhrohas (YY Fakhro) had just one suggestion — the ClearOne (NASDAQ: CLRO) COLLABORATE videoconferencing system.

The perfect videoconferencing solution for Batelco had to take up a minimal amount of space within the conference room. It also had to have the ability to record meetings and quickly add audio-only participants to a videoconference. With just three separate components to install, and being fully compatible with legacy video solutions and third-party web-conferencing platforms, the ClearOne COLLABORATE system met all of these goals and has, since being installed, quickly changed the meeting culture of Batelco enterprise wide.

“Employees no longer have to waste time and energy traveling to meet with vendors, or vice versa,” explained Yusuf Abdulrahman Fakhro, Managing Director of YY Fakhro. “Now, all parties can quickly arrange teleconferences with superior-quality video and audio. In fact, the company reports that team collaboration has improved and employees feel more connected, which has increased productivity and efficiency. These combined benefits have accelerated Batelco’s decision making process time and significantly improved the company’s internal operations.”

As a leading communications company, Batelco was already aware of many top video and audio conferencing vendors and solutions, but was confident that YY Fakhro would deliver the ideal solution for their specific needs. Using ClearOne’s three-piece COLLABORATE Pro 900 system, the integrator was able to deliver exactly what the client needed. According to Fakhro, “With ClearOne’s proven track record in successfully delivering integrated multimedia communications solutions and YY Fakhro sharing existing customers’ feedback and case studies with Batelco, the Batelco AV/IT team quickly understood how ClearOne’s integrated solution could solve its historical communications issue.”

The ClearOne COLLABORATE Spontania solution comes with the ability to connect to a minimum of 25 devices.  More devices can be added through additional licenses.  As a result, Batelco has the ability to simultaneously conference with a minimum of 25 PCs, mobile devices or connected TVs, with crystal clear audio and video through ClearOne’s CONVERGE Pro840T DSP mixer and ceiling-mounted Beamforming Microphone Array that effectively replaces 10 microphones. Top quality HD video is delivered by the ClearOne UNITE 200 USB PTZ camera, which is capable of 1080p at 60fps, captures a wide 73-degree viewing angle, and has an 12x optical zoom for clear close-ups of small objects or whiteboard details.

What’s more, up to six video sources can present content, and all participants can quickly share files, record video and audio, use whiteboards and annotations, and initiate screen sharing. If the company desires, the COLLABORATE 900 system can also be used to live stream presentations, announcements, trainings or meetings to large audiences over the web.

Batelco is thrilled with the results of the new ClearOne system, as Fakhro noted, “Together ClearOne and YY Fakhro have delivered a future-proof solution that exactly meets Batelco’s conferencing and collaboration requirements.”

With ClearOne’s powerful, yet simple-to-use system, Batelco has made their corporate operations more fluid and responsive, and improved many facets of their daily meeting needs.