K-12 Education White Paper Explores Role of Digital Displays in Hybrid and Remote Learning

With digital signage displays, touch screen interfaces, virtual lessons and remote learning expected to reshape the post-COVID education landscape, a new white paper provides insights into some of the most effective tools and solutions being deployed in classrooms, libraries, STEM labs and beyond. Entitled “K-12 Education Embraces Innovative Digital Displays,” the ebook white paper just published by education technology provider LG Business Solutions USA is available now for download.

“Over the past decade, and in particular during the last year, many innovative school districts across the country have invested in digital tools including laptops, tablets, and in-classroom digital displays that enable collaboration, digital lesson sharing, and greater student engagement,” said David Bacher, head of marketing for LG Business Solutions USA. “As districts increasingly look to modernize classrooms, labs, libraries and other learning spaces to maximize the effectiveness of in-person, hybrid and remote instruction, this white paper can serve as a resource to show what has worked for early adopters and how the latest display technologies are impacting daily education in the new hybrid learning environment.”

In addition to profiling large-scale digital signage deployments at Cicero School District 99 in Illinois and Marietta High School in Georgia, the white paper discusses the applications and values of display technologies including touch-screen learning kiosks in libraries, large-format videowalls in STEM labs and employee training rooms, displays with integrated collaboration tools, and the direct effects of greater student engagement and improved preparedness for real-world careers.

“K-12 educators can be more effective when they can engage with students in new ways, recognizing that their world revolves around always-on, fully connected digital devices,” Bacher said. “Integrating digital displays into classrooms and other learning spaces enables fast, reliable collaboration and creates opportunities for more engaging lessons and better overall student outcomes. As districts work to identify and address the current and future technology needs of their students, faculty and buildings, this white paper can serve as a guide to what is possible.”

To download the white paper, click here.