India’s Jaipur War Museum Brings the Past to Life with an Engaging A/V Showcase Controlled by ELAN

India’s Jaipur War Museum at Amar Jawan Jyoti Jaipur recently set out to create an immersive AV experience for its visitors, complete with 3D projectors, a 2×2 panel video wall, and automated lighting. But amidst ancient war artifacts, the museum’s managers feared that complex technology would turn out to be more of an impediment to the experience rather than an enhancement. It took local technology integration firm USAM in collaboration with AV distributor Vinshek to change their thinking. And they did, with an ELAN-based control system with customized automation.

“The museum was concerned that technology would be an unreliable distraction from the beautiful relics on display,” said Mohit Mahipal, Managing Director at USAM. “We assured them that they would be able to control everything from one singular, easy-to-use interface. With project consultation and system design guidance from Vinshek, USAM customized an ELAN system to automate the museum, integrating all aspects of its displays and ambiance.”

In collaboration with Vinshek, Mohit Mahipal and his team at USAM built the control system around one ELAN gSC10 controller and one ELAN gSC2 controller, accessible via ELAN touch panels, remotes and the ELAN Mobile App. Additionally, USAM integrated an extensive RAKO lighting system to be controlled and automated by ELAN.

Another integration firm was called in to install a 3D mapping projector, 3D hologram projector, large scale 2×2 panel video wall, and several large format display panels– all of which were integrated into the ELAN system. The result is a stunning showcase comprised of eighteen Jharokhas – an open window system and one of the most major architectural aspects of the regal state of Rajasthan – that hosts a beautiful environment of projected and displayed scenes of warfronts and the Indian Army.

According to Diganchal Singh Sengar, Senior ELAN Programmer at Vinshek, “This is the most complex project I have ever configured. Through ELAN, we configured the system to automatically turn on at 7:00 PM and run until 10:00 PM. During the evening show, ELAN controls the lighting and visual displays to work in tandem with the audio walkthrough. Such intricate and precise configuration would have ordinarily taken a couple of days to complete, but thanks to the easy-to-configure ELAN system, I was able to finish the job in record time.” 

To further emphasize the art, a RAKO lighting system was installed with state-of-the-art digital dimming technology. The integrated lighting system helps to shift the focus of the observer from one artifact to the next in sequence. “The lighting system is integrated with ELAN so that each activity automatically operates at a pre-defined sequence and time,” he said.

The showcase has gone off without a hitch and the museum has enjoyed using cutting-edge technology to highlight the exhibition. “The AV that we installed really breathes life into static figures and images. The system operates easily and automatically, thanks to ELAN,” Mohit Mahipal concluded. “Vinshek provided us with the best automation system for this application, and their project consultation really helped us to build the perfect system for the museum.” 

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