Imint Launches Powerful Video Stabilization Technology for Remote Assistance Devices, Dramatically Improving Collaboration Between Field Workers and Remote Experts

IMINT Image Intelligence AB (“Imint”), a global leader in video enhancement software, today launched Vidhance for Remote Assistance, a new suite of subscription-based tools designed to transform the quality of video content captured by remote assistance devices.

The new solution consists of the Vidhance Premium Video Stabilization feature, setting a new industry standard for unrivaled video stability, and the all-new Vidhance Click & Lock feature, empowering remote viewers to effortlessly select, track, and focus on on-screen objects regardless of camera movement.

“Remote assistance devices are indispensable for real-time collaboration among field workers and experts in various industries, whether it’s a travelling surgeon in Africa or an oil-field worker in the North Sea. Yet, the persistent challenge of shaky video from field workers using smart glasses, helmets, or body cameras has hindered remote assistance from scaling and reaching its full potential,” said Niclas Elvgren, Head of the Professional Solutions Business Unit at Imint. “Drawing upon our deep expertise in the smartphone video enhancement market, we’ve developed Vidhance for Remote Assistance to simplify the path for independent software vendors and solutions providers to enhance communication and control for any remote assistance application, even in scenarios where the movements of field workers are highly unstable.”

The Vidhance Premium Video Stabilization feature efficiently eliminates shakiness in real-time by keeping the frame stable and the horizon level for video captured on handheld, head-mounted or body-worn cameras, while also correcting for lens distortions. The software achieves this feat by leveraging data from the camera’s motion sensors to calculate the optimal stabilization frame-by-frame – a robust and efficient method that has been battle-proven in over 850 million smartphones powered by Imint to date.

In addition to stabilizing and leveling the video stream, the Vidhance for Remote Assistance solution also provides remote viewers direct control over the video’s focus point through the all-new Vidhance Click & Lock feature. With a simple click, remote viewers can select an object on the live feed to lock onto it as the camera’s focus point, using automatic tracking and zooming to center the object regardless of how it or the camera wearer moves.

Vidhance for Remote Assistance is offered through a subscription model that is completely free to developers. Solution providers that integrate the software suite can provide a free trial period for users, then offer a monthly or annual subscription for full-time adoption.

“We chose a convenient subscription model for these powerful video enhancement features because we want them to be available to all levels of developers to help foster further innovation,” Elvgren added. “As remote assistance needs continue to evolve across industries, we’re fully committed to developing new solutions that will enhance the communication between field workers and remote experts through high-quality video, and thus paving the way for mass market adoption.”

The Vidhance SDK has been developed to allow flexible implementation in the video pipeline from camera to viewer.

Imint has a proven track record in the smartphone industry, partnering with many of the market’s most innovative companies to bring improved video performance to millions of smartphone users. Furthermore, Imint is also emerging as the video stabilization leader in the wearables market through collaboration with brands such as RealWear and Rokid.