IBIS Bay Implements Essential Worker Net Cost, Zero Profit Pricing to Support Key West Businesses and Service Providers

Moving to meet the need of local essential business owners, city government and service providers for low cost essential worker housing during the COVID-19 pandemic,  IBIS Bay Beach Resort today announced the immediate roll-out of the net-cost, zero profit, per-night room price of $73.52 (plus tax) that will remain in effect for at least the next 90 days. 

The flat net price applies to all of the rooms and suites in the hotel, according to IBIS Bay founder Chris Holland.

According to Holland, the city of Key West, grocery stores, healthcare providers, transportation companies and construction companies are now bringing in essential workers to perform necessary infrastructure improvements or keep their businesses and services operating normally.

“We all need to really live by the motto ‘One Human Family.’ The essential worker net-cost, zero profit pricing is our way of turning a motto into action,” he asserted. “Key West needs to be able to provide essential workers and their employers with quality, affordable temporary housing and support services that don’t generate a dime of profit. We are removing price as a barrier to helping our community.”

Holland said the resort can take this unprecedented action because it is independently owned and operated.  “We can do it, so we are doing it,” he explained.

Since March 11, 2020 the Ibis Bay Resort has gone beyond following all CDC guidelines to maintain resort staff and guest health. Every day arriving staff members and guests have their temperatures taken using a no-touch, instant read digital thermometer. That will continue with this pricing program. The resort staff will also continue thoroughly sanitizing every room between each essential worker guest stay. Even take-out patrons of the Stoned Crab restaurant at the hotel have their temperatures checked before entering the restaurant.

“Our goal is to reduce the cost of safe housing for the essential medical professionals, transportation workers, approved contractors, airline staff and more who we need to help Key West stay fed, healthy and financially strong while keeping our staff engaged in doing the great work our guests love them for,” he said.

“We are all in this together,” Holland concluded, “And we will come through this together if we band together. We have an opportunity to show our compassion for our community. Generosity and love for mankind should be our guide. Each of us is the solution we are waiting for.” 

Interested parties can call room reservations at the resort at (305) 296-1043. Chris Holland can be reached directly at (646) 642-376.