Ibis Bay Beach Resort and Divers Direct’s Emocean Club Bring Personalized Scuba Certification Classes to Key West

Key West’s Ibis Bay Beach Resort is on track to be the island’s most versatile travel destination. Over the last two years the resort has added marina boat rentals and jet ski tours, scooter and bike rentals, the island’s only nighttime paddleboarding adventure and a top-rated ultra-fresh seafood restaurant, The Stoned Crab. Now in 2015, the resort has partnered with the renowned Divers Direct’s Emocean Club to be Key West’s official personalized training location for PADI scuba certification and adventure watersports. 

According to the resort’s owner, Chris Holland, “Ibis Bay offers visitors the most exciting array of watersport activities, more than any other resort in Key West. Adding Emocean Club’s personalized lessons and certifications to our portfolio of Ibis Bay activities further solidifies us as the go-to source for all watersports enthusiasts. New divers will love it because the class size is limited to four people in every session. That means there’s never more than four divers in the classroom, in the pool and on the open water dives. Nobody on the island offers such a personalized learning experience!”

As home to the only living coral reef in the continental U.S., Florida and Key West in particular attracts a lot of travelers looking to snorkel, scuba, freedive and spend as much time as they can in the gorgeous clear waters. So why did the team at Emocean Club choose Ibis Bay to be their home base for courses? 

“Ibis Bay is the real Key West,” said Key West Divers Direct store manager Kelly Rabe. “It’s a perfect, low-key setting for all watersport enthusiasts to stay and play.  The easy access locations of the pool, the marina and bay are ideal for both our instructors and divers.”

The expansion of water sports and tourist activities is all part of Chris Holland’s commitment to building Key West’s best resort at Ibis Bay. Unlike many other resorts that keep equipment for up to three years, Ibis Bay replaces its jet skis and scooters every year so guests are guaranteed the latest in performance, reliability and fun.

“We want to be the best,” Holland said. “Emocean Club’s personalized service is going to help us be even better. Whether you live here or are visiting, if you want to learn new ways to explore the ocean and the beauty that it offers, Ibis Bay is where you will find it.”

Emocean Club courses are available seven days a week. Interested parties can book sessions by calling the Ibis Bay Fun Desk at 305-296-0616 from 8 a.m. – 7 p.m., also seven days a week.