Homeowner Replaces Inoperable Model Home Automation System with ELAN to Simplify Living Experience

Model homes often come decked out with top-of-the-line finishes, an ideal layout and the latest home appliances. However, when the Kurland family purchased their model townhome near Richmond, Virginia, it came with something unexpected – a home automation system that was essentially unusable. After a year of living with the system, the family turned to local integration firm Connec Inc. to install an upgraded ELAN Entertainment and Control System

“We actually installed the original system in the model home six years before the Kurlands purchased the brownstone, but it had been altered in a makeshift manner making it a disappointment,” Connec President Edward Wood explained. “After the Kurlands moved into the home, they were interested in getting the system operable. I explained how the old system was supposed to operate, then presented all of the features and benefits of an ELAN smart home experience.”

The Kurlands jumped at the idea of installing a truly smart home control system built around the ELAN platform, and were excited to connect it to all of the sub-systems in their home. Throughout the four-floor townhouse, Connec integrated multi-room audio, security system, security cameras, door locks, thermostats and advanced LED lighting systems into an ELAN gSC10 system controller. 

“We contacted Edward and his team at Connec because my wife and I greatly needed to address our security system needs, and wanted to make use of the entertainment equipment,” homeowner Alex Kurland explained. “Edward clarified what had happened with the once-model-home’s system, and asked us a lot of questions regarding our possible uses of the system and needs for the home. Then, we basically set him loose to let him work and create a system suited for my family’s lifestyle.” 

Since the Kurlands enjoy travelling, Connec installed advanced security features to ensure the home was always protected. Utilizing Lutron RadioRA2 lighting and the ELAN capabilities, Connec programmed in the ability to have four lighting configurations enabling the homeowners to turn on and off lights on an easily variable schedule through the ELAN system thereby creating the illusion that the homeowners were inside, whether they were home or away. To operate the lighting system, 10 dimmers and switchers were installed throughout the home. “This lighting system also comes in handy when the family and guests are trying to maneuver down four flights of stairs at night,” Wood added.

To further ensure safety and protection against unwanted visitors, Connec integrated window sensors and a Yale touchscreen door lock into ELAN, allowing the Kurlands to monitor their home whether they are upstairs or travelling. In addition, a 15-zone Interlogix Concord 4 Security Panel and Panasonic IP security cameras were also integrated into ELAN for added piece of mind. 

“Edward is very creative and his crew is extremely capable,” Kurland continued. “They really understood our security needs and went above and beyond to provide our home adequate protection. They also provided us with simple ‘home’ and ‘away’ buttons on the ELAN home screen and mobile apps, which provide flexibility for our security system to accommodate both planned visitors and pets with the push of a button.”

The Kurland’s integrated ELAN automation system doesn’t stop with high-end security; Connec also installed an in-depth entertainment system that allows the family to easily operate their favorite electronics and easily make use of a variety entertainment options. 

“An ELAN S86A audio controller connected to two Marantz Surround Sound Receivers provides six zones of audio,” Wood explained. “Additionally, an S1 Digital three zone streamer provides the family with local radio stations, Pandora, Sirius/XM and CD storage. To personalize the system even more, portions of the family’s photos are stored in the system, so they can be shown from any of the ELAN TP7 seven-inch in-wall touchpanels.”

Operating the Kurland’s system is easy through the ELAN in-wall touch panels, ELAN remotes or the ELAN App on the family’s iPhones, iPads or MacBook Pros. “In our previous home, we had great TVs along with a surround sound system which we rarely used because we had to open cabinets and press a series of buttons to turn each on,” Kurland added. “Now, through the ELAN system, one-touch on my iPad or phone and everything is up-and-running. It makes it very simple. It’s a very attractive and user friendly system.” 

Wood concluded, “The Kurlands are the one of the best customers I’ve worked with. They’ve been very happy with the system and have provided me with great feedback. They are the kind of customer that make you feel like this is a great business to be in because they fully utilize and appreciate the customized ELAN system we built for their home.” 

To view additional images, click here. Connec is a Platinum Elite ELAN dealer.