HearUSA Expands Local Area Residents’ Access to Better Hearing Health with the Opening of a Hearing Center of the Future and HearAcademy Learning Center in Southlake, Texas

Reinforcing its commitment to expand access to Simply Excellent Hearing Care, leading hearing care retailer HearUSA today announced the opening of a new Hearing Center of the Future in Southlake located at 200 N. Kimball Avenue, Suite 206. The company also announced a partnership with the Southlake Senior Activity Center to promote better hearing health through a series of community events.

The new Southlake location joins existing Hearing Centers of the Future in California, Florida, and other locations in Texas as part of a multi-year plan to roll out new centers across the country — expanding access to hearing care for the estimated 48 million Americans living with hearing loss.

The new Southlake center features a consumer-friendly environment where clients can explore prescription hearing aids from leading brands like Widex and Signia, as well as over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid solutions from Sony. They can also receive a complimentary hearing evaluation and test various hearing aids with guidance from licensed Hearing Care Professionals (HCPs).

Also included with this opening is a HearUSA HearAcademy Learning Center, only the third in the country, where current HCPs can receive ongoing training to stay up to date with advances in hearing care technology and services, ensuring HearUSA clients always receive Simply Excellent Hearing Care at all centers nationwide. The HearAcademy Learning Center also serves as a training ground for participants in the HearUSA Hearing Instrument Specialist (HIS) Apprentice Program, which empowers apprentices to get the education and clinical experience they need to become licensed Hearing Instrument Specialists.

“At HearUSA, we are on a mission to grow the number of Americans treating their hearing loss by expanding access to our innovative, client-centric hearing care,” Nick Mengerink, President of HearUSA, said today. “This center opening and corresponding partnership with the Southlake Senior Activity Center will help us raise awareness around hearing health and ensure local residents receive the highest possible quality of professional hearing care, empowering them to take their first step on the life-changing journey toward better hearing. At the same time, our HearAcademy Learning Center enables us to enhance our professional development initiatives, while being more convenient for current and prospective HCPs living in Texas.”

As part of the partnership, HearUSA will host a series of Listen & Lunch seminars – led by a HearUSA HCP – at the Southlake Senior Activity Center. Activity center members can learn about the importance of hearing health and wellness, advancements in hearing aids and hearing care, proper hearing protection, and more. In addition, Southlake Senior Activity Center members will be able to receive complimentary hearing screenings from the HCP.

HearUSA Hearing Centers of the Future are designed from the ground up to make accessing hearing care easier and more client-centric than ever before.

All centers showcase an innovative and welcoming modern design, featuring open spaces and product displays. At the center’s core are dedicated teams of HearUSA HCPs and Client Experience Specialists (CESs), aiding clients in discovering and understanding cutting-edge hearing aids and their crucial features for successful adoption, while also assisting clients in maximizing insurance benefits and flexible financing. HearUSA’s distinctive Hear Better Today program ensures clients receive their evaluated and fitted hearing aids on the same day, eliminating the wait for the life-changing benefits of hearing aids.

Last year, HearUSA was named America’s number one hearing care retailer as part of Newsweek and Statista Inc.’s America’s Best Retailers 2023.