HearUSA Doubles Down on Expanding Accessibility and Growing HCP Network with the ‘Grow Beyond Together’ Program Debuting at the AAA 2023+HearTECH Expo in Seattle

Leading hearing care retailer HearUSA is returning to AAA 2023+HearTECH Expo (April 19-22, 2023 in the Seattle Convention Center) with a renewed commitment to hearing care accessibility, as well as a focus on recruitment and education with the debut of its Grow Beyond Together program. 

HearUSA will also introduce its bold new brand vision that redefines hearing care to reflect today’s client commitment to live life to the fullest. 

“Our goal of bringing simply excellent hearing care to all who need it goes hand in hand with growing our Hearing Care Professional (HCP) network,” said HearUSA President James Gilchrist. “In the United States, we have one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world, but the percentage of those treating their hearing loss remains low. At HearUSA, we believe that elevating the voice of our providers, as well as investing in our HCPs and internship/externship programs, is critical to reshaping this reality. AAA 2023+HearTECH Expo offers us a unique opportunity to exhibit, interview, and connect with industry professionals who are interested in delivering on HearUSA’s promise of Simply Excellent Hearing Care.” 

Overall industry demand for HCPs is growing, with the employment of audiologists projected to increase by 10 percent from 2021 to 2031, faster than the average for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, 56 percent of US counties still lack adequate access to hearing services. 

The Grow Beyond Together initiative focuses on recruiting both existing HCPs and network providers, engaging students and faculty through networking for internships/externships and showcasing HearUSA as the hearing care retailer that’s best equipped to solve the hearing accessibility issue. 

HearUSA’s HCPs are either audiologists, the majority of which have a doctor of audiology (Au.D.) degree, or hearing instrument specialists (HIS). HearUSA’s HearAcademy also has its own HIS Apprentice programs to develop and sponsor talent to become HISs. 

At this year’s conference and trade show, post-graduate students pursuing their Au.D., HISs, and established audiologists, will learn more about how HearUSA is continuing to invest in the development of HCPs, through a new field structure and expanded professional development team; tuition, continuing education, and licensing reimbursement; and opportunities for advancement through roles like HCP Team Leads, Advisory Board members, or District Managers. Additionally, HearUSA will host a student event on Thursday, April 20th at the Hard Rock Cafe Seattle. Attendees can network and socialize while enjoying live music, food, and drinks. Students are encouraged to stop by the HearUSA booth, #402, to request tickets. 

Currently, HearUSA has 15 open positions for paid 4th-year externships, as well as offerings for shorter, 3rd-year internships. 

Furthering its commitment to professional development, HearUSA recently launched the HearAcademy Learning Center to empower teams to deliver Simply Excellent Hearing Care and support them from the start of their employment through comprehensive onboarding and orientation, and continue to develop their skills with personalized, continued professional education. Currently, there are 45 Hearing Instrument Specialists (HIS) Apprentices and the program has now expanded to nurture the development of external candidates, such as those from other healthcare industries. 

For the first time since announcing its client-focused rebrand last Fall, HearUSA will showcase its new brand vision that redefines hearing care to reflect today’s client desire to live life to the fullest. The new vision aims to reframe the way clients learn about, experience, and purchase custom-fitted, prescription hearing aids from leading brands like Widex and Signia, and now over-the-counter hearing aids from Sony.

“HearUSA is excited to meet and network with the next generation of professionals eager to join HearUSA on the journey to continue transforming the hearing healthcare space,” added Sheneekra Adams, Au.D., Senior Director, Professional Development at HearUSA. “After meeting with us, we’re confident that HCPs, AuDs, and AuD students attending the show will come away convinced that HearUSA is the best place to work in the hearing care industry.”

For more information on HearUSA, visit www.hearusa.com. For more information about AAA and to register for the show, click here. For high-res images, click here.