Hearing Aid Leader Signia and the Charity ‘Songs for Sound’ Partner to Raise Awareness Among Veterans and the General Public for the Detection and Treatment of Hearing Loss


Hearing aid innovator Signia today announced it is partnering with Songs for Sound, a 501c3 charity, for its 10th annual Hear the Music Gala, taking place on May 22, 2021. The partnership further promotes Songs for Sound’s mission to raise awareness around hearing loss solutions, increase access to hearing loss testing and treatment, and encourage action for those suffering from hearing loss and deafness. 

Both Signia and Songs for Sound aspire to provide more people with an opportunity to experience enhanced listening in all scenarios, including those where music is the center of attention. With accurate detection and personalized treatment through a hearing care professional, those with hearing loss can participate in and enjoy interactive events once again. 

“As a company, Signia was drawn to Songs for Sound’s compelling mission to empower people to take control of their hearing health journey,” explained Mike O’Neil, President of Signia U.S. “We’re thrilled to work with such a meaningful organization to help more people detect and treat hearing loss, ensuring they can live their lives to the fullest. There’s no better way to officially begin our partnership than at the Hear the Music Gala, a time to come together and celebrate how, with the right treatment and care, we can all experience optimal human performance through enhanced hearing.” 

Additionally, Songs for Sound has a dedicated program for veterans – Hearoes Program – which brings a free hearing clinic to veteran and military events, NASCAR events, shooting events, air shows and more. The organization helps veterans with hearing loss navigate treatment options with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), with which Signia too has a relationship.

“Our mission is to serve 250,000 people by 2025 with free hearing tests and care team support, as we help them take the next step in getting hearing loss solutions that help them live their best lives,” said Miranda Weidle, Directing Manager, Songs for Sound. “This isn’t possible without like-minded partners contributing to our fundraising events such as Signia. Along with our other partners, Signia’s mission to enhance human performance through better hearing in all scenarios aligns with what we need to accomplish our mission.” 

This year’s Hear the Music Gala will take place during Better Hearing & Speech Month in May, which is a time dedicated to promoting hearing care and the role it plays in our general wellbeing. The event is located at Westhaven Golf Club in Franklin, Tennessee and includes catering, cocktails, various live music performances by Big Machine Label Group’s Conner Smith, country newcomer Jimmy Charles, and songwriter Andrew Pates  as well as a special guest appearance from Derrick Coleman, a deaf NFL Super Bowl champion – all while attendees are in socially distanced pods. As one of the sponsor’s to this event, Signia will also present to the attendees. 

“We look forward to speaking to the guests at Hear the Music Gala, giving us the chance to emphasize the importance of optimizing human performance through proper hearing care – and the first step is awareness,” continued O’Neil. “Thanks to organizations like Song for Sound, more people than ever are being encouraged to explore hearing care options, and we’re thrilled to work alongside them to support their mission.”

For more information on Songs for Sound, visit www.songsforsound.com.

For more information on Signia, visit www.signiausa.com. For the press kit, click here