Gefen Works with EIZO’s Life-Saving Medical Equipment to Increase the Number of Video Feeds on its Digital Monitor

Gefen’s DVI Matrix adds 10 additional digital DVI inputs to the EIZO LMM0802 large 4K monitor display system.

EIZO’s Large Monitor Systems are used for interventional radiology and cardiology catheterization procedures in hospitals across the globe. Gefen from Core Brands, the leader in commercial audio/video signal processing solutions, today announced that its DVI Matrix is now being used to effectively increase the number of feeds displayed on EIZO’s LMM0802 large monitor manager with an additional 10 digital DVI inputs.

“We are proud that Gefen’s industry-leading products are working with EIZO systems to deliver value to cutting-edge medical equipment that’s responsible for saving countless numbers of lives,” said Aaron Hernandez, Core Brands Sales Director, Pro Channel. “Large-format monitors have become commonplace in modern examination rooms everywhere because their flexible screen layout significantly simplifies and optimizes workflows. Gefen provides significant value by increasing the number of video or static image feeds that can be displayed on that one large screen 4K monitor.”

The EIZO solution consists of RadiForce LS580W, a 58-inch, 4K, 8-megapixel monitor and the LMM0802 large monitor manager. Multiple medical video sources are connected to the LMM0802 so they can be arranged in various layouts and displayed simultaneously on the LS580W monitor. A Gefen DVI Matrix easily integrates with the LMM0802 to increase the number of medical video sources that can be connected.

“Easy Gefen integration offers customers a fantastic opportunity to increase their current system’s functionality without purchasing a new system,” Tom Impellizeri, OEM Business and Product Manager from EIZO, said. “This means already deployed LMM0802 systems could be upgraded to accept additional video inputs, and new installations that have many video sources could use the Gefen Matrix and the LMM0802 instead of a higher cost large monitor manager.”

Additionally, video management is performed through the LMM0802’s user-friendly touchscreen, and four of the matrix inputs can be assigned to four separate full HD display monitors. “EIZO works with surgical integration partners and OEMs that sell and install solution to end-users,” Impellizeri said.

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