Furman to Host Manufacturer Power Management Training Program at InfoComm 2015

Today’s information technology systems are connected more than ever before, but they still face common issues like surges and AC line noise that can wreak havoc in a variety of ways. To help prepare integrators, Furman, the nation’s leading provider of power management systems, announced an all new manufacturer’s training course that will be offered at InfoComm 2015.

“With this training program, we are providing integrators the necessary knowledge and tools they need keep systems running smoothly,” John Benz, Core Brands Director of Product Management for Power explained. “When a system goes down it can cost both the client and the integrator money. “Be the Hero” is designed to address common issues and provide solutions to protect gear and optimize networks.”

Networked devices can create complex systems that have multiple points of failure and require specific boot sequences. This course will address power management features and benefits, best practices to employ power management solutions, and how the integrators can use the latest technologies to provide the highest level of service to their clients.

“Power management solutions from Furman can eliminate up to 80 percent of service calls, monitoring networks and giving integrators remote access to control devices from anywhere in the world,” Rob Harris, Furman Product specialist stated. “Furman is dedicated to providing attendees with the facts they need to greatly reduce or eliminate costly power management issues.”

Harris will lead the training program, showing manufacturers why typical surge strips are not enough to protect your equipment and maintain a healthy network of devices.  Join him as he walks integrators and technology users through common AC problems and their solutions while covering the science behind AC surge protection and noise filtering. Real-world examples will be used to show how Furman solutions protect gear, optimize networks and create reoccurring revenue opportunities for integrators.

Everyone who attends will be eligible to win one of Furman’s award-winning AC-215A power conditioners. Featuring the highest level of surge and spike protection available, linear filtration to ensure clean power, and auto-resetting extreme voltage shutdown, the compact, non-sacrificial AC-215A is one of the most versatile power management devices on the market today.

To register, visit: https://inf151.experientevent.com/showinf151/Default.aspx?UITEMS=_MT86