Furman Provides Perfect Power for Jason Orme, Touring Guitarist for Alanis Morissette

Jason Orme has toured with Alanis Morissette since 2001, playing guitar all over the world in every type of venue. Over the years he noticed power fluctuations at some European shows would impact the sound and feel of his pedals, particularly one he had modified. After researching how to fix his pedal problem, Orme’s friend who built the pedal board said there’s only one thing you need: the Furman Prestige P-1800 AR Voltage Regulator.

“Other than a power strip or surge protector, I’d never used any power product for my performances,” Orme said. “I probably would have gotten one years ago if I had known. I use it at every show now, and it gives me 100% consistent sound and reliability no matter what country or kind of venue I’m performing in. All my pedals work every time, exactly how I need them to.”

As any professional touring musician will tell you, having your gear work exactly as intended is essential for incredible performances. That’s why it can be a problem when performers are at the mercy of the venue and have to deal with old or unreliable electrical systems. With a Furman voltage regulator, however, Orme says artists can take the power back and be confident their performance will sound exactly as they intended.

“I would say it’s essential,” he added. “If you’re running tube amplifiers and pedal boards with different types of pedals that need specific voltages, house power is a variable that can throw off a performance. Furman’s Prestige Voltage Regulator removes that variable completely, so I don’t have to worry. I run both my amps and all my pedals through it, and I know everything will work the same as it did the night before on a different continent.”

Another major benefit of the P-1800 AR is the protection it provides Orme’s tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Featuring Furman Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP) and Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS), it protects expensive gear from surges, brownouts and large power fluctuations.

“I have a studio in Los Angeles for producing and mixing, and it’s in an older building where I’ve run into some power issues as well,” Orme said. “Anyone with a studio knows having reliable gear and protecting it from frying out in a power surge, can make or break a studio. So I bought a second P-1800 AR for the studio, and I never have to worry.”

The Furman P-1800 AR has nine total outlets, including three that are widely spaced for bulky plugs and one on the front for convenience, a 15-amp rating, isolated banks that minimize inter-component noise contamination, a large, easy-to-see voltmeter and ammeter, a front USB outlet for a USB lamp, and LED indicators that warn when incoming voltage is outside the nominal range. Learn more at www.furmanpower.com.