Furman Expands Power Distribution Line at CEDIA 2018

Reinforcing its commitment to deliver innovative power solutions for CI professionals, Nortek Security & Control (NSC) today introduced its new expanded Furman line-up of power distribution products. Comprised of two power strips, one power conditioner, and two surge protectors that build upon the brand’s top-selling technologies, the line made its official debut today at CEDIA 2018 in Nortek Security & Control Booth #4637 in San Diego, California.

“No AV system is safe without proper power protection, conditioning and distribution, and Furman understands what custom installers need to truly bring peace-of-mind to their customers,” said Nortek Security & Control Power Product Manager Christos Desalernos. “The new power distribution solutions we are introducing are in direct response to integrator requests. The new features add greater flexibility within the equipment rack.”

The new line includes:

  • The VT-EXT12: A vertical, twelve-outlet 26” long power distribution unit (PDU) that includes three outlets spaced to accommodate large plugs and transformers. Expanding upon the original VT-EXT Power Strip, it enables mounting vertically in the back of the rack. 
  • The VT-EXT16: A vertical, twelve-outlet 36” long PDU with three outlets spaced to accommodate large plugs and transformers. 
  • The AC-220A: A 20-amp, discrete small form factor Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP) non-sacrificial surge suppression power conditioner. Like the AC-215A Compact Power Conditioner, it also features Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) and a 6’ line cord. Any Vertex PDU can be plugged into the AC-215A or AC-220A for applications that do not want to use rack mount space for the power management needs. The Vertex family coupled with the AC-215A or AC-220A offers a modular solution t power management.
  • The SS-6: A black steel chassis floor strip with standard surge protection that is a narrow form factor version of the top-selling SS-6B Surge Protector. It features standard RFI/EMI filtering with a 15’ power cord. 
  • The SS-6B-PRO: A black steel chassis floor strip with standard surge protection that adds Extreme Voltage Shutoff (EVS) protection to the SS-6B Surge Protector. It features a standard RFI/EMI filtering and a 15’ power cord. 

Furman’s expanded line of power distribution solutions are now on display at CEDIA 2018 in Booth #4637.

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